The Bad Batch: What to expect from the episodes coming in July 2021

Star Wars: The Bad Batch, “Cornered,” now streaming on Disney+! Photo: Disney+
Star Wars: The Bad Batch, “Cornered,” now streaming on Disney+! Photo: Disney+ /

Clone Force 99 and Omega have come a long way together in a short time, but they still have plenty of more obstacles to face. Crosshair is still gunning for them, they owe Cid credits they don’t have, and the Kaminoans’ interest in Omega isn’t going away anytime soon. There’s also the growing threat of the Empire encroaching on every corner of the galaxy and the civil war brewing in the shadows.

That said, it won’t all be near-death experiences and running for their lives. They might also meet familiar faces along the way, just like how they interacted with Saw Gerrera, Fennec Shand, and Captain Rex in the first half of the season.

With Disney+ recently revealing five new episode titles coming out in July, this next batch of episodes is bound to answer more questions, throw them in unexpected situations, and resolve some lingering threads.

The Bad Batch episodes arriving in July

Disney+ provided episode titles for the next five episodes in the season. Here’s what to expect:

  • July 2 – Episode 10: “Common Ground”
  • July 9 – Episode 11: “Devil’s Deal”
  • July 16 – Episode 12: “Rescue on Ryloth”
  • July 23 – Episode 13: “Infested”
  • July 30 – Episode 14: “War Mantle”

While we don’t know what these episodes entail yet, we have some ideas.

With Omega back in their care, we think Hunter and the rest of Clone Force 99 are going to turn their attention back to Cid. After all, the reason they stayed on Bracca in “Reunion” was to pick up valuable armaments to pay off their debt to her. Tech might have salvaged the Jedi Cruiser’s master drive, but Cid might not find it valuable enough. “Common Ground” might see Hunter and the group completing another mission for Cid in order to square things off with her and come to a mutual understanding.

As for “Devil’s Deal,” it’s not often you hear the word “devil” in Star Wars. Han Solo referred to “hell” in Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back and Admiral Thrawn said, “What Jedi devilry is this?” in the season three finale of Star Wars Rebels. Making a pact with the devil never leads to anything good, so we could see the Bad Batch putting themselves in a situation where the deal they make is more than what they bargained for. “Devil’s Deal” could also involve Crosshair. We don’t know how the ion blast in “Reunion” affected his inhibitor chip, so he could be entrenching himself deeper into the Empire’s ranks.

“Rescue on Ryloth” might see the return of freedom fighter Cham Syndulla or his daughter, Hera Syndulla, but it would be even more interesting if the episode introduces Hera’s mother. A painting of her made a brief appearance in the Rebels episode “Hera’s Heroes,” so it would be exciting to meet her and get to know more about her through the Bad Batch.

“Infested” doesn’t sound pleasant at all. It reminds us of the “Brain Invaders” episode in Star Wars: The Clone Wars in which Geonosian brain worms took over the minds of the people they inhabited. The episode title could be referring to something else entirely, like some sort of space creature infesting Clone Force 99’s attack shuttle. Their ship is the only vehicle they have to transport them from one location to another, so if anything burrows its way through and causes extensive damage, it could ground the Bad Batch or leave them drifting in space.

“War Mantle” will undoubtedly touch on the Empire’s initiative to continue their recruitment of conscripted soldiers. It could also shed more light on the Kaminoans’ contingency plan with Omega, further demonstrating how desperate they are to continue their relationship with the Empire.

Regardless of what these episodes focus on, we’re looking forward to seeing how the Bad Batch continue to adapt to their new way of life and having Omega along for the ride.

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