Star Wars: The first-look trailer for The Bad Batch episode 10 is out now

Star Wars: The Bad Batch "Common Ground"
Star Wars: The Bad Batch "Common Ground" /

It’s been an exciting journey thus far when it comes to The Bad Batch, and what we hope is just the first season out of many. And as we keep track of how many episodes are left, we’re in luck. This week’s episode marks 10 out of 16, so there’s still plenty of story to be told before the finale. And what an exciting story it’s been, at that.

The last we saw the crew, they had narrowly escaped bounty hunters Cad Bane and Fennec Shand. Bane, as we saw, was working for more nefarious purposes. He was going to have Omega returned back to Lama Su on Kamino, which would lead to her eventual termination. And Fennec, on the other hand, had the more protective mission of delivering her to Nala Se and keeping her safe from any harm.

Nala Se eventually called off the bounty knowing that Omega would be safe with the Bad Batch. And now that leaves us at episode 10, where Omega could still be in danger, and the threat of Crosshair and his team still lurks in the shadows.

To tease this week’s episode, Star Wars revealed a first-look teaser trailer for it, which you can watch below:

The Bad Batch episode 10 trailer

Based on this trailer, it looks like it’s clones versus clones again. Whatever the Bad Batch are up to, it has them facing off against their “reg” brothers, who are still working for the Empire. So, will the Bad Batch be trying to free this town/planet/etc. from the Empire, and is it so easily done?

We’ve seen Separatists pull away from the Republic. But what happens when you try to pull away from the Empire? Well, it’s possible you’ll end up like Alderaan. That is, at least, it’s safe to say that probably won’t happen this time, seeing as the Death Star is far from being complete when this episode takes place.

Still, it looks like more danger is in store for the Bad Batch. And whoever it is they’re helping, we just hope the mission will be successful.

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You can catch episode 10 of The Bad Batch streaming now on Disney+.