The first-look trailer for The Bad Batch episode 12 is out now

The Bad Batch. "Rescue on Ryloth." Courtesy of
The Bad Batch. "Rescue on Ryloth." Courtesy of /

Star Wars has released the trailer for episode 12 of The Bad Batch today, and the preview may come as no surprise to some who saw that the trailer was leaked accidentally via an early upload that was quickly removed.

The early upload seemed to be an accident, going out the day before it was supposed to. But luckily, the trailers don’t spoil too much about what’s to come in that week’s episode.

To backtrack, we left the Bad Batch almost totally out of the picture in the last episode. Episode 11 mostly focused on Star Wars Rebels character Hera Syndulla who, at this time, is a young girl experiencing the Empire’s takeover of her planet, Ryloth. The episode ended with Hera fleeing off to somewhere unknown and her parents being arrested after taking a stand against the Empire. So, what comes next? If you didn’t get a chance to see the leaked version of the trailer, the official upload for episode 12’s trailer is out now, which you can watch below.

The Bad Batch episode 12 trailer

So, based on the trailer, episode 12 will be a direct continuation of episode 11. And this one will involve the Bad Batch being much more involved in the storyline than they were in the previous episode.

This is exciting, then, because we actually get to see more moments with the Bad Batch interacting with Hera (and even her droid, Chopper).

The question is, how successful will the Bad Batch be when it comes to rescuing Hera’s parents? Because they’re the Bad Batch, we know very little can slow them down. And perhaps the only time they weren’t successful was when Cad Bane ended up abducting Omega. Still, they eventually got themselves out of that situation too, so there’s practically nothing they can’t do.

The good thing is, The Bad Batch episode 12 is out now. So you don’t have to do any waiting to find out what happens to Clone Force 99, Hera, and her parents next.

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