The first-look trailer for The Bad Batch episode 14 is out now

The Bad Batch in the Marauder cockpit. "War Mantle." The Bad Batch. Courtesy
The Bad Batch in the Marauder cockpit. "War Mantle." The Bad Batch. Courtesy /

As we get into the final episodes of Star Wars: The Bad Batch, many questions linger.

First, we wonder what will happen to The Bad Batch as the Empire increasingly draws in on them. Just two episodes ago, Crosshair asked permission to personally hunt down the Bad Batch and take them in himself. And if Crosshair/the Empire do get a hold on them, what’s going to happen to the clone force?

Also, is Omega still safe? We know that she has first-generation genetic material from Jango Fett himself which, apparently, that’s a precious asset to have for cloning.

And lastly, we want to know if all that is going to be resolved by the end of the season. There are only 16 episodes, and it feels like there’s just so much more that The Bad Batch has to offer. So, could The Bad Batch wrap up in just a few episodes? Let’s see what the episode 14 trailer can tell us about what’s to come.

The Bad Batch episode 14 trailer

Judging by the trailer, episode 14 is going to be packed with lots of action, and Clone Force 99 is once again at the center of it all. At the very beginning, even, we see that Captain Rex is back! Well, it’s just a hologram of him for now, but at least we can say Rex is back.

So, who is this old friend that Rex received a distress signal from? Whoever it is, they’re important enough for the Bad Batch to go and save. And it looks like the Empire may have captured them.

In one frame, we can also briefly see there are some troopers out there who have slightly different armor from what the clones used to wear. Knowing that the episode is titled “War-Mantle,” maybe that means these troopers are part of the clone-human forces that Admiral Rampart and Tarkin were building up.

Whatever the case, an exciting adventure is in store for episode 14. And you can see what adventures await Clone Force 99 right away because The Bad Batch episode 14 is out now on Disney+.

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