The Bad Batch episode 14 synopsis, title, and runtime revealed

The Batch Batch travel on foot through a mountain range. "War Mantle." The Bad Batch. Courtesy
The Batch Batch travel on foot through a mountain range. "War Mantle." The Bad Batch. Courtesy /

It’s been an incredibly long and enjoyable run for Star Wars: The Bad Batch. But as of this week, we’re officially down to the wire. Fourteen out of a total 16 episodes are here, and it means the action is bound to ramp up in these final episodes.

In episode 13 last week, the Bad Batch found themselves coming to Cid’s defense after her saloon was taken over by a mysterious person.

That person happened to be Roland Durand, a new character who’s part of an equally new crime family that’s been introduced in the world of Star Wars.

After crossing paths with the Pyke family as well, the Bad Batch were eventually on a dangerous mission to recover some lost spice for the Pykes after stealing it from Roland. And, thankfully, the episode wrapped with all parties involved coming to a peaceful resolution and, of course, Cid got her saloon back.

The Bad Batch didn’t leave us on a cliffhanger at the end of that episode, so they didn’t leave any clues about where the series is heading next. But now, thankfully, new information is out about episode 14 to help fill in the gaps.

The Bad Batch episode 14 synopsis, title and runtime

The Bad Batch episode 14, according to Disney+, is titled “War-Mantle,” and the episode is 29 minutes long. Here’s Disney+’s synopsis of the episode:

"After receiving a mysterious distress call, the Batch tracks it to a secret facility."

So many questions follow after reading this synopsis. The first question is: who do the Bad Batch receive a distress call from? They don’t have many acquaintances in this world, so there’s a narrow list of who could call them for help. Already, we’ve seen Hera Syndulla reach out to them, and we don’t think she would be calling back for more help already. So that mystery is wide open.

Second, what’s going on in this facility that they find? Could it be related to the title of the episode, “War-Mantle“? As we learned early in the season, War-Mantle is the project that Admiral Rampart spearheads as a way to integrate more human soldiers into the Empire’s ranks. As we know, that would eventually lead to them using all human soldiers, shutting out the clones. And knowing that, this episode will likely give us more information about this telling project.

To see what’s in store this week, the episode is already out. So you can head over to Disney+ to catch up with Omega and the Bad Batch crew now.

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