The Bad Batch: Who is Gregor? You’ve definitely seen him before

Hunter, Tech, and Echo speak with someone from behind a protected entrance. "War Mantle." The Bad Batch. Courtesy
Hunter, Tech, and Echo speak with someone from behind a protected entrance. "War Mantle." The Bad Batch. Courtesy /

This post contains spoilers from The Bad Batch episode 14.

In the animated Star Wars shows, everything is connected. Characters have a tendency to appear across multiple series, even when different fragments of their stories are told out of order.

The latest episode of The Bad Batch (episode 14) unexpectedly brought back one clone trooper who has made brief appearances in two previous shows. And this likely won’t be the only episode we see him in.

Here’s a refresher on Gregor’s story, if you recognize him, and an introduction if you’re just meeting him for the first time.

Gregor in The Clone Wars

Gregor was a clone commando during The Clone Wars who suffered amnesia after crash-landing on the planet Abafar. With no memory of who he was or his greater purpose in the galaxy, he worked as a dishwasher not knowing there were millions of men across the universe who shared his face.

After being reminded of who he was and where he’d come from, Gregor seemingly sacrificed himself to protect Colonel Meebur Gascon and his companions.

Is anyone ever really gone in Star Wars, though? The explosion that should have ended the clone’s life only rattled his brain a bit. He was mostly fine when we saw him again in another animated series.

His return in Star Wars Rebels

In the second season of Star Wars Rebels, Ahsoka sent the Ghost crew to a distant planet to seek out an old friend. It turned out to be none other than Captain Rex, who at that point we’d last seen in Clone Wars.

Gregor was one of two clones that were hiding out with Rex. He’d previously appeared in Clone Wars as well, but only briefly.

For a long time, there were questions about how Gregor got from where we left him in Clone Wars to where we found him in Rebels. Leave it to The Bad Batch to offer us a bridge between these two points in his story.

The Bad Batch brings Gregor back

So, The Bad Batch does serve as a continuation of many stories the original show, The Clone Wars, started. Because Rebels takes place later in the timeline, Bad Batch is also taking plenty of opportunities to answer the many “how did they get here” questions left on the table until now.

In “War-Mantle,” Gregor is seen attempting to escape an Imperial compound and sends Rex a distress signal just before he’s captured. We learn he was assigned as a Commando to train new recruits, but didn’t last long before he decided he wanted out.

Once the Dad Batch break him out of his cell block, Gregor helps them escape (well, most of them).

The reappearance of Gregor will likely explain, at least in part, how he came to reunite with Rex and why we saw them together in Rebels. 

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Which character do you think The Bad Batch will bring back next?