Star Wars: Who was on the Jedi Council during The High Republic?

Yoda concept art for The High Republic. Photo via Star Wars.
Yoda concept art for The High Republic. Photo via Star Wars. /

The Jedi Council serves as the Order’s leadership. Star Wars fans got to know the various members of the Council during the years of the Galactic Republic thanks to the prequels. But who served during The High Republic?

The High Republic Show answered that question in its fourth episode with a detailed breakdown of every member on the council during the era. This included who has left the council, in one way or another, and who replaced them.

Was Master Yoda on the Jedi Council during The High Republic?

With the Masters of the Jedi Council in this era being described as the “personification of knowledge and strength,” it’s no surprise that at least one familiar face served for many centuries as a Jedi leader.

Grand Master Yoda is the first of many Masters to be introduced as part of the council so far. It’s been confirmed that he is in his 600s at this point in the Star Wars timeline, and honestly, he looks great.

Yoda also spent centuries teaching future Jedi, both during The High Republic and when we meet him in the era of the Galactic Republic.

The High Republic: The masters of the Jedi Council

The Jedi Council of the High Republic included a diverse set of masters, both human and nonhuman. Grand Master Yoda was just one of those who have been confirmed to have served during this time. Other key members included:

  • Master Lahru
  • Pra-Tre Veter (look at that fabulous beard!)
  • Keaton Murag
  • Ada-Li Carro
  • Teri Rosason
  • Oppo Rancisis
  • Master Adampo
  • Yarael Poof
  • Rana Kant (replaced by Stellan Gios)
  • Soleil Agra
  • Jora Malli (replaced by Ry Ki Sakka)

What happens to a Jedi when they die?

While the Jedi Council breakdown above mostly focuses on the living Jedi who serve on it, death is a very real possibility among council members — especially when there are threats like Nihil and evil sentient plants roaming around the galaxy. What happens when one of these masters leaves the Order’s council chambers and doesn’t return?

Per Jedi tradition, deceased Jedi are typically cremated via funeral pyre. This was first seen in Return of the Jedi when Luke Skywalker burned the body of Darth Vader to honor his return to the light. Qui-Gon Jinn also received this ritual upon his physical death.

As for what happens when a member of the council can no longer serve (presumably, but not always, due to no longer being alive), another Jedi Master is selected to take their place.

According to the video above, once a member of the Jedi Council is elected, they may serve for life unless they choose to step down. Master Yoda really had his luck cut out for him there.

Perhaps the third option no one considered was what happens when the entire Jedi Order is dismantled due to the fall of an entire government system … but that would never happen in a galaxy far, far away, right?

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