The High Republic Show reveals new character poster, sweet birthday backstory, and more

Concept art of the various new Jedi of the High Republic. Art by Phil Noto. Photo: Star Wars.
Concept art of the various new Jedi of the High Republic. Art by Phil Noto. Photo: Star Wars. /

The High Republic Show dropped its fourth episode this week, filled with spoiler-heavy recaps, behind-the-scenes author secrets, and a look to the future of The HIgh Republic in the months to come.

Host Krystina Arielle proudly presented Porter Engle — magnificent braided beard and all — in his own character poster. There was also a breakdown of all the members of the Jedi Council in the era. But that’s not all.

You can watch the full episode and read through our highlights below.

Should you skip books in The High Republic?

The architects unanimously agree: Don’t skip! Not even the middle-grade books or made-for-kids comics.

While certain stories within The High Republic era may be marketed toward kids, and in many cases written with a younger audience in mind, that doesn’t mean you have to shy away from them. Justina Ireland’s first middle-grade THR novel, A Test of Courage, for example, introduces a cast of characters that go on to appear in her young adult novel … and so on.

While not all of these stories are required reading – is any Star Wars reading essential, anyway? – the authors highly recommend you at least give all of them a chance. You never know who might become unexpectedly important in later phases. Wink wink.

What is a Wayseeker in Star Wars?

Thanks to The Rise of Skywalker, you’ve heard of wayfinders — compass-like devices that show travelers how to get to a specific point. The High Republic has introduced a type of traveler known as a Wayseeker. As the title suggests, these individuals forge their own way throughout the galaxy in search of purpose.

Wayseekers follow their own path, led by wherever the Force seems to want to lead them. While a member of the Jedi Order will typically go where they are assigned or where trouble lingers, wayseekers come and go as they please.

With hyperspace routes far less established or controlled than we’re used to in later stories, wayseekers have the potential to serve a major role in whatever lies between the fall of The High Republic and the rise of the Galactic Republic we’re more familiar with.

Behind the scenes, the High Republic authors are actually BFFs

While the five authors (“architects”) responsible for writing the stories of The High Republic may have a strong professional relationship, their bond seemingly extends beyond the super-secret virtual writing hub they must all share.

Cavan Scott has talked on many occasions about the team’s often off-the-rails Slack conversations. The other day they were apparently having a rather intense discussion about chocolate. Because of course they were.

Their real lives sometimes overlap, too, even outside the virtual space. Claudia Gray even baked Daniel José Older a birthday cake recently. They live near each other. Why wouldn’t she?

Was it chocolate?

You can catch Arielle — and always at least a few of the luminous beings responsible for breaking all our hearts a dozen times over — every other month as new episodes of The High Republic show drop on YouTube.

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The High Republic continues with more comics and an audio drama this August.