The Bad Batch season 2: Everything we want to see (and something we don’t)

Omega stands with Hunter. "Infested." The Bad Batch. Courtesy of
Omega stands with Hunter. "Infested." The Bad Batch. Courtesy of /

With The Bad Batch season 2 finally confirmed for a Disney+ release next year, there’s a lot to look forward to.

Even though the final two episodes of the show’s first season are still incoming, we can make a lot of predictions about how the series can evolve in the episodes to come. Here’s what could make the second season even better than the first.

The Bad Batch season 2: More familiar cameos, please

Star Wars: RebelsThe Mandalorian, and The Bad Batch have thus far all but mastered the art of the cameo. Familiar characters come in, serve their purpose, and bow out just as quickly without taking too much focus away from the episode’s main characters and storylines. Sometimes they reappear at opportune moments, but almost never in a way that feels forced or unnecessary.

The Bad Batch‘s second season, like the first, could make great use of new and returning faces. If characters like Bo-Katan Kryze can find their way to shows like The Mandalorian, they can certainly find their way back to the animated landscape.

Omega takes the lead

We’ve seen Omega grow slowly but truly as a character in season 1, and while the pacing is mostly on point, the upcoming season finale could put her in the perfect position to call more of the shots in The Bad Batch eason 2.

If (sorry) something happens to Hunter (sorry!) in the next few episodes, the Batch is going to need to work together to keep each other safe. In many ways, the “dad” of the group has held her back so far. It might be time for her to step up.

The Bad Batch faces bigger, higher stakes

Like the premiere seasons of many Dave Filoni projects, The Bad Batch season 1 has remained relatively inconsequential — at least as far as the larger galaxy is concerned. We’ve begun to see the Empire subtly but harshly establish their reign over various planets. But other than creating War Mantle and Crosshair vowing to hunt down his brothers, there hasn’t been much to severely alter things or threaten the Batch… yet.

Season 2 can — and should — go bigger. Whether that means the Bad Batch puts themselves more at risk by directly interfering with the Empire’s plans, getting caught up with one (or multiple) crime syndicates… or something much, much worse.

The possibilities are nearly endless. But there’s one thing The Bad Batch season 2 should shy away from.

Does The Bad Batch need more Cid?

Cid is a delightful character, and up to this point she has become a welcome regular throughout the season. It’s not her the show needs to be mindful of, though — rather, the Batch might benefit from breaking off their deal to run jobs for her. Here’s why.

The closer the Batch gets to getting under the Empire’s skin in a potentially lethal way, the more dangerous it will become for them to keep returning to the same regular location. It puts them, Cid, and everyone in the immediate vicinity in danger… if they aren’t already.

Maybe, at the very least, the team needs some new outfits. And please — #GiveOmegaAHelmet.

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The Bad Batch season 2 arrives on Disney+ in 2022.