Does Hunter die in The Bad Batch episode 15?

The Bad Batch premiere "Aftermath"
The Bad Batch premiere "Aftermath" /

With The Bad Batch episode 15 out in the world and one more episode to round out season 1, there are a lot of questions about who will live (and die) before the show comes to an end next week.

Leading up to episode 15, Part 1 of a two-part finale, many predicted Hunter would die in at least one part of the season finale. Here’s what happened, who lived, and who definitely didn’t.

The Bad Batch episode 15: Does Hunter die?

For many, Hunter’s death in The Bad Batch finale would have been devastating but understandable. Creating high stakes in a series like this sometimes warrants the self-sacrifice of a main character (Rebels taught us this the hard way). While not necessary, Hunter’s death would provide opportunities for growth for multiple characters, especially Omega.

However, though many considered Hunter’s death in this episode a likely possibility, he did survive — at least for now. A lot, as we’ve now seen, can change in a single episode.

Who dies in the Bad Batch episode 15?

While episode 15 was only Part 1 of the show’s season finale, there was a surprising amount of death — though not from any of our main characters or antagonists.

It’s been heavily implied that any troops that may have remained on the cloning facility — aside from our precious Batch, we hope — aren’t going to make it out alive. Crosshair did eliminate the troops he was in charge of in the training room to prove a point. We probably should have seen that coming.

We are sad to report that, while not confirmed dead, the fate of our beloved Gonky is not looking promising. But we will keep you updated with any possible developments.

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The Bad Batch season 1 concludes with episode 16 on August 13, only on Disney+.