Does Crosshair die in The Bad Batch episode 15?

Imperial troops escort Hunter. "Return to Kamino." The Bad Batch. Courtesy of
Imperial troops escort Hunter. "Return to Kamino." The Bad Batch. Courtesy of /

The Bad Batch episode 15 “Return to Kamino” pits brother against brother in a reunion fans of the show have been waiting for since episode 8.

The last episode, “War-Mantle,” brought Crosshair and Hunter back together again after the leader of Clone Force 99 ordered his team to leave him behind.

They were in a pinch with no way to rescue Hunter without putting themselves at risk, too. Their decision to follow orders set the ground for a long-awaited confrontation between Hunter and the Batch’s former sniper.

Spoilers ahead for “Return to Kamino.”

However, Crosshair and Hunter didn’t clash physically. Hunter’s capture resulted in a much-needed talk between the two where it became clear Crosshair had been harboring hurt over the team abandoning him.

The Bad Batch has been subtly hinting at Crosshair’s desire to be reunited with his brothers throughout season 1 and finally, that paid off. But, instead of deciding to leave with the Batch when they came for Hunter, he expressed that he wants them to work for the Empire along with him.

Crosshair’s wish for the Batch to be his team again goes as far as him killing his own TK troopers to prove his point to Hunter about being able to trust his sincerity. When Omega’s one-girl rescue mission brings droids with live rounds into the fold, Crosshair fights along with the Batch to put them all down.

But, by the end, Hunter shoots Crosshair when he won’t leave the Empire. Did he kill him? Here’s what we know!

Is Crosshair dead at the end of The Bad Batch episode 15?

The short answer is no. Hunter stunned Crosshair.

“Return to Kamino” spends much of its 26-minute runtime showcasing the sniper’s emotions. He misses his brothers. Capturing Hunter and luring the Batch back to Kamino was his way of getting them all together again so he could try to reason with them.

He tells Hunter that he’s giving them the chance they never gave him. Their whole talk obviously means a lot to both of them and allows Hunter insight into Crosshair’s feelings on being abandoned.

Even when Crosshair admits that his inhibitor chip was removed, and he’s been working with the Empire by choice, it’s clear that there’s more to that story, more that Hunter wants to hear.

Though Crosshair says that it doesn’t matter when his inhibitor chip was removed, it actually does. It’s likely that the sniper getting blasted in the face in “Reunion” necessitated surgery in which his chip was removed and not replaced.

If that’s the case, Crosshair would have been dealing with the reality of his compulsory decision-making on his own surrounded by the Empire’s forces and without his brothers to help him. Those are circumstances that Hunter can likely sympathize with.

We’ll have to wait until Part 2 of the finale to know more but for now, Crosshair has been reunited with his brothers and it looks like Hunter is going to try to bring him around to their side. But first, they’ll need to escape Kamino.

Part 2 of The Bad Batch finale premieres Friday, August 13 on Disney+.

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