Did you catch this clever Star Wars reference in Monsters at Work?

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Did you catch the Star Wars reference from the Disney+ original series Monsters at Work? In the most recent episode that aired on Aug. 11, 2021, the main character Tylor, voiced by Ben Feldman, finds himself in quite the situation.

As the series takes place after the events of Monsters Inc., there is no more need for scarers but instead jokesters. Tylor was hired as a scarer but under previous management.

Now, his number one desire is to be a jokester. But in the process of trying to prove himself, he winds up meeting the abominable snowman voiced by John Ratzenberger. After Tylor is knocked unconscious, he awakes hanging upside down inside a snow and ice-filled cave.

Sound familiar? When he comes to, he tries to free himself but can’t.

This Empire Strikes Back reference was used for comedic purposes in the newest episode of Monsters at Work

He finds the rubber chicken that he was going to use in his comedy act lying in the snow. He tries to reach for it when he hears a sound and sees a massive shadow.

Still, sound familiar? To Tylor’s surprise, he has encountered the abominable snowman, a monster who had been banished for years!

The rest of the episode follows Abominable — who wants to be called the Adorable Snowman — return to the monster world, and Tylor wanting the chance to prove he’s jokester material.

If you know your Star Wars films, then you know this scene was a nod to The Empire Strikes Back when Luke Skywalker is almost eaten by a Wampa. He is hanging upside down inside the cave and retrieves his lightsaber stuck in the snow just before he becomes the Wampa’s next meal.

Nice touch, Disney! This Star Wars reference gets two thumbs up!

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