The Bad Batch creators promise clones questioning their purpose will be a ‘big deal’ in season 2

The Bad Batch premiere "Aftermath"
The Bad Batch premiere "Aftermath" /

What does it mean to be a clone built to fight a war once the Clone Wars are no more? That’s the question at the heart of Star Wars: The Bad Batch. Clone Force 99 — and other soldiers throughout the galaxy — only know what they’ve been trained for. Now they’ve found themselves searching for a new purpose while also trying to survive in a society that no longer wants them (or never wanted them in the first place).

According to the creatives behind the series, finding this sense of purpose in a large, unfamiliar galaxy is a theme the show will touch on even more in its second season. In an exclusive interview with, executive producer/supervising director Brad Rau and executive producer/head writer Jennifer Corbett spoke about where we left the Batch at the end of season 1 and what fans can expect next year.

“We didn’t want to have everyone’s purpose locked in at the end of season 1,” Rau said. “What is their purpose from all of their different points of view? It’s going to be a big deal [in season 2], something we really wanted to dig into.”

It’s easy to question the matter and rate of character development in a show’s first season, especially a series with as many characters as The Bad Batch has in prominent roles. But one of many things animated Star Wars shows have taught us is that quality storytelling is sometimes a slow burn — but the payoff is always worth the wait.

What to expect from The Bad Batch season 2

Corbett touched on the differences between each individual clone and how the show’s events have shaped their respective worldviews. “I think they all have a very different opinion of where they stand, in particular Hunter, Crosshair, Echo, and Omega,” she said. “[They] continue to have these internal discussions throughout the season and hopefully next season.”

Clones questioning their identities, loyalties, and senses of belonging in the galaxy isn’t just a theme among Clone Force 99. While they’re the key players and the ones audiences will get to know most intimately, the theme in itself is the purpose of the series overall. Even future episodes similar to the season 1 arc featuring a young Hera Syndulla that don’t focus primarily on the Bad Batch themselves will continue to touch on these ideals no matter how many seasons we have left.

“The question of ‘what’s my purpose’ is really a show theme, because the Empire taking over and the galaxy shifting and changing, it’s continuous and it’s evolving, and so are they,” Corbett continued.

We’ve been given stories of central characters questioning where they fit in an Empire-dominated galaxy before. The Bad Batch is the first to hit home these themes directly from clones’ perspectives. So far, it seems to be resonating with audiences and the show’s creators alike — and will continue on that path in season 2 and beyond.

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