The best Star Wars pet names for 2021

SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA - JULY 07: Nelda the dog appears in cosplay as an Ewok from Star Wars at Comic-Con Museum on July 07, 2019 in San Diego, California. (Photo by Daniel Knighton/Getty Images)
SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA - JULY 07: Nelda the dog appears in cosplay as an Ewok from Star Wars at Comic-Con Museum on July 07, 2019 in San Diego, California. (Photo by Daniel Knighton/Getty Images) /

Star Wars fans have been known to name their kids Luke and Leia since A New Hope came out in 1977, but in the modern era, our furry loved ones deserve Star Wars honorifics, too.

With more Star Wars content than ever before, Star Wars fans have to get creative when naming their pets. If you’re bringing a new furry family member home, save yourself the stress of thinking of a name for your pup, kitten, goldfish, or porg.

Here, we’ve compiled the best Star Wars pet names for you, from classics like Chewie to newer additions like Ahsoka. Most of the names on our list can be broken up into nicknames or first and last names as you see fit. See where the Force guides you and have fun!

1. Chewbacca

Chewbacca is not Han Solo’s pet, but he may be the most popular Star Wars pet namesake in history. He’s loyal, brave, and let’s face it, adorable. You can name your furry friend Chewbacca and call them Chewie, just like Han.

2. Luke Skywalker

There’d be no Star Wars without Luke Skywalker, and your little family wouldn’t be complete without your own Luke. If your pet strikes fear in the hearts of the Sith around you, name him Luke, Skywalker, or call him Lukey for fun.

3. Leia Organa

Like Luke, Leia is one of the most iconic characters and namesakes in Star Wars history. there are many ways to pay tribute to our princess with your pet. You can call her Leia, Princess, General, Organa, or any combination of the above. Regardless, we trust she’ll be fearless and kind.

4. Obi-Wan Kenobi/Ben

One of the most versatile names (and characters) on the list, Obi-Wan is a beloved character. Call your pet Obi, Obi-Wan, Ben, Kenobi, or any combination of the above. No matter what, your furry friend will have the high ground.

5. Anakin

Darth Vader may be one of the most iconic film villains in cinema history, but his name doesn’t exactly inspire cuddles. Unless you’re wanting to inspire fear with your pet name, we suggest Vader’s true name, Anakin, which already has a great nickname that comes along with it (Ani).

6. Padme

Like her daughter after, Padme is an iconic and beloved character. If your pet is fashionable and feisty, call them Padme, Amidala, or Queen Amidala if you’re feeling regal. Bonus points if her markings or ears match Padme’s makeup and hair.

7. Jar Jar

Let’s be honest, Jar Jar is basically already a big walking puppy dog, even when he’s engaging in galactic diplomacy and high-level trade missions. If your pet has big droopy ears and a huge wagging tongue, name him Jar Jar, Binks, or Ambassador Binks if you’re feeling formal.

8. Yoda/Grogu

Everyone loves Yoda and his distant family member, Baby Grogu. Between their incredible abilities with the force and their outstanding cuteness, what’s not to love? If your pet has Yoda-like ears, Yoda, Baby Yoda, or Grogu (or even Yaddle if you’re feeling especially nerdy) will make an adorable name for your pet.

9. Mando

With the explosive popularity of The Mandalorian, it makes sense that Star Wars fans new and old alike would want to honor Din Djarin with their furry family member. Name your pet Mando (and if you love sickly cute nicknames, call him Do-Do for short) and know he’ll be the best pet dad in the galaxy.

10. Kit Fisto

One of the lesser-known Jedi, Kit Fisto appears in Star Wars: Attack of the Clones before ultimately meeting his fate during Order 66. Kit is a brave Jedi who happens to have a name that works well for pet owners who may want to pay tribute to Star Wars with a more innocuous name. Bonus points if your furry friend resembles a Nautolan.

11. Ahsoka Tano

Ahsoka has become one of the most popular Star Wars characters in the last few years. Anakin’s padawan is feisty, determined, and smart. If you want to honor the brave Twi’lek, call your pet Ahsoka, ‘soka, Tano, or any combination of the above.

12. Wedge

Wedge Antilles is one of Luke’s fellow rebel leaders and a classic character from the original Star Wars film. If you want to nod to the original trilogy, name your pet Wedge and start training him to fly an X-wing.

13. Rey

Rey is the first, prominent female Jedi in the Star Wars films, but her name is also a great pet name. Name your furry friend Rey and know she’ll be fearless against anyone from the mail carrier to Kylo Ren.

14. Finn

Rey’s best friend, Finn, is one of the most favorite characters in the new trilogy. Fiercely loyal and brave, any pet would be lucky to be named after Finn and we trust your Finn will be as good a friend to you as Finn was to Rey and Poe.

15. Poe Dameron

Cocky rebel pilot Poe Dameron brought a Han Solo energy with a Luke Skywalker kindness to the new generation of the rebellion. Name your pet Poe, Poe Dameron, or Dameron to honor Poe’s service to the rebellion and watch him fly.

16. Rose Tico

If you want to name your pet something that’s less obviously from Star Wars, name them after the brave mechanic Rose Tico. You can call her Rose for short, honor both sisters by calling her Tico, or use Rose Tico as her full name, but either way, we trust she’ll be full of spirit.

17. Boba Fett

One of the most iconic characters in Star Wars history, Boba Fett is a fearful bounty hunter that has appeared across the big and small screen of Star Wars cinema. You can call your furry friend Boba, Boba Fett, or Fett, but either way, we trust they’ll keep their word.

18. George

Perhaps you want to honor Star Wars by paying tribute to the man who started it all. Choose a non-fantastical name and call your pet George Lucas after the creator of the Star Wars universe. Name your pet, George or Lucas. Bonus points if it has a silly growl.

19. Daisy

Like the previous entry, maybe you want to honor your favorite Star Wars actress. (In this case, you can choose Carrie, Natalie, or anyone else.) If traditional “human” names are more your style for your pet, look to the women of Star Wars as inspiration.

20. Oscar

Similarly, maybe you want to pay tribute to your favorite Star Wars actor. (You could also choose Mark, Harrison, John, Adam, Hayden, Ewan, or any other number of stars.) Let the men of Star Wars guide your pet name if you’re looking for a more human choice.

21. Rebel

Finally, if you want a more abstract idea for a Star Wars pet name, honor the Light Side of the Force and the rebellion by naming your furry friend Rebel. No matter what kind of pet you have, Rebel will be a brave soldier. What more could you ask for in a pet?

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