The Bad Batch: Voice actress Michelle Ang returns to the studio for season 2

The Bad Batch premiere "Aftermath." Photo courtesy of Disney+.
The Bad Batch premiere "Aftermath." Photo courtesy of Disney+. /

We’ve only been away from The Bad Batch for a little while since the season 1 finale premiered, and already there’s more in development for the Bad Batch’s next adventures.

And this can be confirmed by Michelle Ang herself, who voices the clone Omega in the series. Omega is a newcomer in the Star Wars universe — a genetically modified clone of Jango Fett who happens to be the only girl clone. And over the first season’s 16 episodes, fans grew to absolutely love Omega and, of course, Michelle Ang.

So, on Instagram just this week, Michelle Ang shared a bit of exciting news. She returned in studio to record some work for the Disney+ series. Apparently, for her, this is “the first time in forever” she’s back in the studio. And as such, it looks like she was cleared to take her selfie even with a scene from The Bad Batch clearly present on screen in the background.

The Bad Batch season 2 details

In the comments of the post, Ang did confirm that this is in fact a recording for season 2 of the series. And while unsuspecting at first, the freeze-frame in the background actually gives away a little bit about what to expect.

As some users on Reddit noticed, Echo is wearing his old Clone Wars season 7 armor in the shot. Because of that, this could possibly mean we’ll be getting a flashback scene prior to the events of season 1 of The Bad Batch. Or there may be some circumstance where Echo has to remove his Bad Batch armor and use his original armor instead. Either way, it looks like things are moving along for The Bad Batch season 2.

So, Star Wars is going to have quite a jam-packed year in 2022. The Book of Boba Fett will continue airing in January. (It premieres Dec. 29.) Then at some point, we’ll have to get Andor, Obi-Wan Kenobi, and The Mandalorian season 3 squeezed in there. All on top of The Bad Batch season 2. So there’s no telling when the animated series will premiere next year.

With Disney+ Day coming up next month, Nov. 12, we might find out some more information about when all these Star Wars projects will premiere. But at the very least, we know we have a lot to look forward to no matter what.

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