Star Wars: Visions episode 8: “Lop and Ochō” ending explained

"Lop and Ocho." Star Wars: Visions. Courtesy of
"Lop and Ocho." Star Wars: Visions. Courtesy of /

In Star Wars: Visions, there are nine unique episodes that make up this special series on Disney+.

“Lop and Ochō” is the eighth episode in this anime anthology series, and it comes to us from Geno Studio (Twin Engine). In it, Lop and Ochō are the main characters. The story takes place on the planet Tao, which has been overused by the Empire for its natural resources. And on that planet lives Lop, a rabbit-like girl, who gets adopted by the ruling family, the Yasaboro clan. As Lop grows up alongside her sister Ochō, they grow to be very close. But it’s Ochō’s unfortunate alignment as an adult that not only tears her family apart but ends up having repercussions on Tao as well.

Here’s what the ending for this episode of Star Wars: Visions means.

Star Wars: Visions episode 8 ending explained

As the story goes on in “Lop and Ochō,” it’s clear that Ochō has sided with the Empire staying on the planet, and she has no intentions of turning back. In fact, the disagreement between the family amps up so much that Lop and Ochō even engage in battle, breaking the strong bond that they once shared as girls.

Swayed by the Dark Side, Ochō even dismisses the idea of family, letting her rage and anger overtake her love for her sister and father. Though, it seems Ochō hasn’t dismissed the idea of family altogether, seeing as she gets jealous that Lop is the one who gets to wield the family lightsaber that was passed down through the generations.

And while it may have seemed like Ochō met her demise after Lop’s attack pushed her sister into the abyss, she still survived. And with that, Ochō made her escape, at least having the decency to spare her sister’s life (or avoid dying at the hands of her sister). At the very end, we see the nearly destroyed droid TD play back their very first recording of them as a family, which says, “With a little time… we’re gonna become a proper family.” So, what does that mean for the ending?

Mostly, the episode seems to end on a sad, not-so-optimistic note. Lop was saddened that Ochō decided to split from their family to join the Empire. And unlike “The Twins”, the story doesn’t explicitly say that Lop will actually continue to find Ochō and bring her back to the family. Though, we can assume that she’s the kind of person who would want to bring her sister back. And considering their father still seems to be alive after getting attacked by Ochō, he will likely want his daughter to come back home as well.

Considering Star Wars: Visions is not canon, there are no fully lasting effects of this story on the rest of the Star Wars lore. So any guess about Lop and Ochō’s future could be correct at this rate. But again, knowing Star Wars, the remaining Yasaboros would likely fight to keep the Empire off of their planet — Lop included.

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