See Grant Imahara’s Grogu replica make Adam Savage’s day

Chapter 5. The Child in THE MANDALORIAN, exclusively on Disney+
Chapter 5. The Child in THE MANDALORIAN, exclusively on Disney+ /

If you are having a rough day, then you’ll need to know more about this Grogu replica! Grogu changed the game for Star Wars’The Mandalorian and melted the hearts of fans everywhere.

While Grogu has been the face of merchandise, you’ve never seen a replica quite like this.

MythBusters Adam Savage, posted a video onto his YouTube Channel, Adam Savage’s Tested, revealing a very realistic Grogu made by Grant Imahara and Lauren Markland. Imahara, who was also on MythBusters, had unfortunately passed away last year from a brain aneurysm.

His talents do not go unnoticed but are lovingly remembered, and this Grogu replica is just one example of what he was capable of doing. The just over 12-minute video has Adam Savage wearing a baby carrier holding the Grogu replica while Prop Artisan for Imahara Robotics Lauren Markland goes over some of the details behind this collaboration.

Adam Savage meets Grant Imahara’s replica of Star Wars The Mandalorian Grogu in a heartwarming video

Over the course of three months, they created him with the hopes of making him look as realistic as possible as he was intended to go to children’s hospitals.

Throughout the video, Savage and Markland look over the 3D printed molds and prints used to get the right size for the little Jedi in training. This does mean for some scary imagery, for those who do not want to see the skeleton of such a cute replica.

The Grogu replica moves and acts fluidly and naturally. As Savage and Markland talk, you are also drawn to watch how Grogu’s blinks, how his ears gently move and at times, how he looks like he is about to fall asleep. It is incredible to see the possibilities of what we are able to make a reality.

For more fun videos by Adam Savage such as his builds, cosplay, props and a tour of Grant’s shop, then be sure to visit his YouTube Channel with over five million subscribers. If you are interested in donating or just learning more about the Grant Imahara STEAM Foundation, click here.

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