Bring Home the Bounty offers fans new Star Wars products you can wear, play with, and display

Star Wars Bring Home the Bounty Funko Pops! Photo Courtesy of Funko.
Star Wars Bring Home the Bounty Funko Pops! Photo Courtesy of Funko. /

For some Star Wars fans, watching the movies and shows and reading the books and comics isn’t enough. If there’s something to collect, they can make a space for it in their homes. With Bring Home the Bounty, the possibilities are endless, with new products releasing weekly for the next two months leading up to the release of The Book of Boba Fett.

While new officially licensed merchandise is frequently released throughout the year — everything from jackets to toys to lightsabers you can mount on your wall, and so much more — this 12-week event is going to make holiday shopping for your favorite Star Wars lover (or yourself) easier than ever.

“With the Lucasfilm 50th anniversary coming to a close this year, we wanted to find a way to celebrate all of our beloved characters and stories from the classic to the new and everything in-between,” Senior Vice President, Franchise & Licensing, Lucasfilm Paul Southern told “There will be something to excite every Star Wars fan this year with such a wide assortment of items to enjoy.”

These items range from clothes to accessories to toys, collectibles, and more. And as of today, the first week’s Bring Home the Bounty products have been released, including:

  • A bomber jacket from Her Universe
  • Mandalorian-inspired Crocs
  • Character-themed sunglasses from DIFF
  • Two new Funko Pop! figures and
  • Retro-style Hasbro 3.75-inch figures

That’s a total of nine things you can buy so far (if you get all three pairs of sunglasses, and why wouldn’t you?), and it’s only the first week. Eleven more weeks, 11 more chances to display your love for a galaxy far, far away whether you’re safe and comfy at home or out and about in your Mando Crocs. You’re going to look great.

Week 2’s products will be revealed on October 19.

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Bring Home the Bounty starts now and concludes on December 28, 2021, with new product reveals every Tuesday. And for more, follow the Star Wars merchandise category on Dork Side of the Force.