Star Wars Galaxy of Creatures kids series announced by Lucasfilm

Star Wars: Galaxy of Creatures key art. Photo:
Star Wars: Galaxy of Creatures key art. Photo: /

Star Wars Galaxy of Creatures was announced Thursday from Lucasfilm, with two episodes releasing from a planned 12-episode run to air on Star Wars Kids YouTube and The announcement was also made on Twitter, which included a one-minute-long trailer to emphasize what to expect in this very kid-friendly series.

Star Wars Galaxy of Creatures will follow Aree, a SF-R3 droid who is searching our favorite galaxy far, far away to help young viewers learn more about the animal species in the Star Wars universe. In addition to having two new episodes drop every Thursday, fans who visit the Star Wars Kids website have an opportunity to get even more involved and learn about the society that was created to do all of this animal research:

"The Galactic Society of Creature Enthusiasts was founded during the exploration age of the High Republic by a group of like-minded scientists and adventurers interested in researching and cataloging the myriad of new species found on the frontier worlds of the Republic."

You can find more on, including a printable activity guide, a “make your own creature guide” and pages to color your new favorite creatures.

Star Wars Galaxy of Creatures so far and what to expect

Each episode of the series so far is less than 2 minutes long, which means it will be easily digested by young padawans. Aree presents a goofy approach to discovering Porgs and Banthas in the first episodes, which means we can expect silly antics throughout the entire run of Star Wars Galaxy of Creatures.

If you or your kids want to find out if Porgs can learn to do tricks, or work your way around giving gigantic Banthas a bath, then you’ll be right in line to enjoy these quick episodes. This series already has a fan in my household, as my son (age 7) watched with me, and he was already looking forward to the episodes that have yet to drop.

This is a very good sign for any parents with kids similar in age, but this series is very approachable for all ages. Even when Aree accidentally crosses a “scary” animal where escape is the only option, it’s not even remotely frightening. And that’s always a major plus to anyone looking to introduce Star Wars to their kids or nieces and nephews.

With regards to what to expect moving forward, Star Wars Galaxy of Creatures will introduce creatures like wampas, tookas, charhounds, rancors, and plenty more. If we’re to go by the creature list on Star Wars Kids, blurrgs and voorpaks will be featured in next week’s latest episodes. If you want to learn more about each character, don’t forget to follow along and be prepared to enjoy some silly fun.

Additionally, Star Wars announced its new line of plush toys from Mattel that will further bring Star Wars Galaxy of Creatures into your homes, and if your kids are anything like mine, they will adore any opportunity to add these stuffed animals to their collection.

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