Star Wars reveals new High Republic Jedi – a cook, an archivist, and more

Justina Ireland’s Mission to Disaster. Photo:
Justina Ireland’s Mission to Disaster. Photo: /

The High Republic has brought many new things to Star Wars in the 11 months it has been ongoing – Yoda having an affinity for baking, sure, but also dozens of new characters with more added with every new story added to the era.

This week, revealed three new characters joining The High Republic in Justina Ireland‘s forthcoming Mission to Disaster. These Jedi aren’t part of the council or even on.a Coruscant temple. They’re just your average Jedi going about their business. Nothing could ever disrupt that, surely.

Lyssa Votz is a Jedi Archivist who craves data, not adventure. Jedi Master Nyla Quinn is known for her kindness where most of those on her homeworld are anything but. And her Padawan, Yacek Sparkburn (any relation to Jordanna? He’s not sure) prefers to spend his time in the kitchen. Honestly, same.

Something that makes the Jedi of the High Republic exceptionally unique is that each new Force-wielding character is given a distinct quality that sets them apart from the rest. Take Yacek, for example. Giving him a talent for cooking – a skill that doesn’t care whether you’re strong in the Force or not – makes him more relatable.

As Lucasfilm Publishing creative director Michael Siglain told, “Showing our Jedi heroes cooking and baking helps to both humanize and personalize them, and Yacek is no exception.”

The “architects” (authors), editors, artists, and all others involved have an undeniable and deep understanding of the characters they’re bringing to life and the universe they’re expanding. Each new Jedi, for instance, adds a new perspective on the Force, the Order, the Republic, and Star Wars as a whole. They’re not just exact copies of one another with different names. They’re all key parts of a larger narrative.

Instead of overwhelming audiences with too many characters, each new addition feels like a piece of an epic puzzle that’s only just beginning. At this time in a galaxy far, far away, there are tens of thousands of Jedi. Not all of them are on the front lines fighting enemies they can see. But still, they’re in it for the good of the galaxy and those who inhabit it. If disaster should come their way, no matter how small or remote their planet, they’ll always step up to help.

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The High Republic: Mission to Disaster arrives January 4, 2022.