This week’s Bring Home the Bounty reveals Star Wars engagement rings, Black Series figures and more

Ahsoka Tano (Rosario Dawson) in The Mandalorian season 2. Photo courtesy of Disney+.
Ahsoka Tano (Rosario Dawson) in The Mandalorian season 2. Photo courtesy of Disney+. /

Christmas is still coming early – weekly – to Star Wars fans young and young at heart. Now in its fifth week of steady releases, Star Wars’ Bring Home the Bounty event continues to offer audiences a variety of toys and collectibles just in time for the holidays (or just in time to pre-order for later releases in 2022).

This week’s Bring Home the Bounty reveals include new Black Series figures, more Star Wars merchandise you can wear, and a new line of Star Wars-inspired jewelry that might appeal to couples planning long-term futures together.

In addition to Adidas revealing a new Boba Fett-inspired hoodie (he gets more than just one week, it’s his universe now), also revealed two new Black Series figures, Ahsoka from The Mandalorian and a Death Watch Mandalorian figure.

And for just $799.99 you can own, build, and display your very own LEGO AT-AT. The set contains almost 7,000 pieces and comes with 9 minifigures so you can recreate your favorite scenes from The Empire Strikes Back. And the 18+ age designation gives you the perfect excuse to buy this for yourself as an adult.

And an unprecedented final reveal, Star Wars Fine Jewelry released its new Bridal Collection of Star Wars-inspired engagement rings. So if there’s potentially a Star Wars-themed wedding in your not-so-distant future, this might be an interesting place to start.

There are a handful of other items that will be available for pre-order starting on November 10 (Wednesday), including.a LEGO set of The Child (aka Baby Yoda), a deluxe Darth Vader Funko Pop! figure, and several other items for Grogu fans.

To learn more about these items and to find out where and when you can pre-order or purchase your favorites, visit the official Bring Home the Bounty page for all the details.

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Will you be bringing home any of this Star Wars merchandise this season?