Darth Talon arrives in Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes


Since its initial launch, the free-to-play turn-based mobile game Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes has added a mix of Canon and Legends characters to its roster. Some were released randomly; others, as part of an ongoing group of characters. This month marks the end of a major Legacy Event in the game that will eventually allow players to unlock Starkiller from The Force Unleashed games and novelizations.

So far, developers have released a succession of Legends characters that will all be required to unlock Starkiller. Dash Rendar and Kyle Katarn were the first two to arrive in the game, and last week saw the arrival of menacing Sith Lady Darth Talon.

The female Twi’lek Darth Talon originated in the Star Wars Legends continuity in the Star Wars: Legacy comic run from the mid-2000s. She served under Darth Krayt and became one of the most ruthless Sith leaders of her time.

To unlock Darth Talon at the lowest level in the game doesn’t take much in her Marquee event. However, upgrading her to a higher star count will require players to have both Dash and Kyle at 5 stars, which still currently isn’t possible without spending actual money. If you have no qualms about that, you should have her at maximum dark side power in no time.

In the game, Darth Talon is expected to have the best synergy with other Sith characters such as Darths Traya, Nihilus, and Sion.

Notably, though Talon’s original design in the comics was a bit revealing (though unfortunately not uncommon still in that time for female characters), the Galaxy of Heroes developers did update her attire in their design to be much less unsettling. She looks great. Same Twi’lek, more clothes. And quite fashionable at that.

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How are you preparing for Starkiller’s arrival in Galaxy of Heroes?