Will we see Cad Bane again in future Star Wars projects?

Star Wars: The Bad Batch "Bounty Lost"
Star Wars: The Bad Batch "Bounty Lost" /

This post contains spoilers for The Book of Boba Fett “Chapter 7: In the Name of Honor.”

Cad Bane and Boba Fett have a long and troubled history that recently came to a head in the latest episode of The Book of Boba Fett.

After Cad Bane attacked Cobb Vanth, we see his return to the Pykes at the beginning of episode 7. We learn that the Pykes are the real killers of Boba’s Tusken tribe, which sets up a perfect tool to anger Boba Fett.

As we see the battle between Boba’s alliance and the Pyke Syndicate unfold, we don’t get much action out of Cad Bane until the very end. After forcing Boba off his rancor, we see Boba and Cad duel it out (again?). Bane rips off Boba’s helmet, and right before he shoots Boba in the head, he is knocked down by Boba’s Gaffi stick. Ultimately, it is pretty clear that Cad Bane died after his (second?) duel with Boba Fett.

That being said, the confirmation that Cad Bane has lived throughout the Empire opens up a lot of doors for further appearance. While he may be a bit expensive to use in live-action, we have already seen him in Bad Batch. Dave Filoni does seem to be very consistent with bringing back fan-favorite characters and there are a lot more opportunities for him to show up in.

There is the second season of Bad Batch, Andor, and Obi-Wan Kenobi all coming up soon. We could see a rematch between Cad Bane and Fennec, or even Obi-Wan. Given his reappearance and popularity, plus Dave Filoni’s tendencies to give his characters more screen time all of these seem likely.

There are plenty more bounties to be had, and it seems rather unlikely that Cad Bane has been hiding all this time. Especially when we know that Cad Bane will take any job… for the right price.

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