Star Wars: Eclipse reportedly releasing much later than promised

Two Jedi spar with their lightsabers on a bridge. Photo: Star Wars: Eclipse
Two Jedi spar with their lightsabers on a bridge. Photo: Star Wars: Eclipse /

In 2021, Lucasfilm Games announced it would be joining forces with gaming studio Quantic Dream to create Star Wars: Eclipse. Set in the ever-growing era of The High Republic, the game’s first cinematic teaser took Star Wars fans on a journey they couldn’t wait to continue. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like we’ll be seeing much else from the game anytime soon.

According to a report from Xfire, it’s possible we won’t see the project come to fruition until 2027 or 2028. This assumption is based on recent Quantic Dream job postings, which imply the company isn’t filling the positions they’re hoping to fill in order to complete the game in the expected time frame.

Quantic Dream has had a lengthy history of issues both in the games they’ve created and within the workplace in which these games were made. Reports of harassment and overall toxic working conditions are all too common in the gaming industry, especially for women. But Quantic Dream’s leadership has been called out on multiple occasions for atrocious behavior, so much so that many Star Wars fans wish Lucasfilm Games would partner with a different studio to make Eclipse.

Fans are continuing an ongoing #BlackoutStarWarsEclipse campaign to discourage Lucasfilm from associating their brand with such a problematic studio. While many have pointed out that the team supposedly making the game is a separate entity from those associated with QD’s most problematic figures, wary players remain skeptical.

Whatever the reason for the game’s supposed delay — we were never given a release date, so it’s hard to assume any actual delays have occurred — there are a lot of Star Wars fans who aren’t bothered by the wait. They don’t want Quantic Dream involved in any Star Wars projects. There’s still a possibility Lucasfilm Games could work with a different studio, but with so much of the project under wraps, the only real source of new information will be the passing of time.

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