Star Wars author suggests title for her Padmé trilogy

In 2019, Star Wars readers were introduced to the first book in a series that would change the way they thought about the prequels. In E.K. Johnston’s second novel set in a galaxy far, far away, Queen’s Shadow, Padmé Amidala and her handmaidens were granted the opportunity to tell their own story. This was followed up with Queen’s Peril in 2020 and, finally, Queen’s Hope in 2022. The trilogy goes by several names. But is there a “correct” way to refer to the series?

Some call it The Padmé trilogy, others The Queen’s trilogy. As of now, it has no official name under Disney Books, which published and distributed all three novels. However, author E.K. Johnston, in responding to a reader on Twitter, gave her suggestion based on what she calls the trio.

“I think most people call it The Padme trilogy,” Johnston wrote, “but in my heart it’ll always be The Queen’s Hands.”

The books largely focus on Padmé’s relationship with the handmaidens that worked with her during her term as Naboo’s Queen, as well as the handmaidens she worked with while serving in the Galactic Senate. “Tue Queen’s Hands” would expertly reference the role each of these handmaidens played in Padmé’s career and her influence on the galaxy at large. It would also reference the major actions and risks Padmé took to make the world she visited safer and better for everyone present.

The trilogy may have come to an end, but it’s the shared hope of many fans that she continues telling stories in this universe. She’s more than proven she deserves the space to shine.

Queen’s Hope, the third and final installment of E.K. Johnston’s “Padmé trilogy,” is available now wherever Star Wars books are sold.

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