Pedro Pascal responded to Oscar Isaac’s claim Moon Knight would beat Mando in a fight

It’s not uncommon for well-known actors to engage in faux feuds in front of the cameras for laughs. They do it for fun, both for their own entertainment and ours. While not all conflicts between Star Wars actors is fake, the latest “beef” between Pedro Pascal and Oscar Isaac is shaping up to be this year’s biggest showdown yet … or not.

In a video posted to Twitter yesterday, Pedro Pascal acknowledges that Oscar Isaac thinks Moon Knight would beat The Mandalorian (Din Djarin) in a fight … with some laughs.

“Let me just get this straight,” Pascal says in the video. “So, he [Oscar Isaac] says that Moon Knight would beat The Mandalorian in a fight.” He responds to confirmation of the claim with laughter before responding: “That’s so sweet.” Sarcastically, of course.

Isaac and Pascal are both Star Wars veterans — the former played Poe Dameron in the sequel trilogy before leaping into the Marvel Cinematic Universe to play Moon Knight in its latest Disney+ series. Pascal is still portraying Din Djarin in The Mandalorian, though there are often others playing him in the armor in certain scenes when his face doesn’t need to be shown.

But would Mando really own Moon Knight in a physical duel? Din does have the darksaber now, though the last we saw of him he hadn’t quite learned how to use it properly yet. Moon Knight might one-up Mando with his superhuman strength, but let’s not forget that beskar armor doesn’t mess around — even against an ultra-strong opponent, Mando’s armor doesn’t take the same damage other armor might.

The two might almost be a fair match. Maybe a few Star Wars Celebration cosplayers can prove the winner once and for all this year.

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