Star Wars Eclipse studio Quantic Dream promises ‘authentic’ LGBTQ rep in future projects

A droid looks across a desolate environment. Photo: Star Wars: Eclipse
A droid looks across a desolate environment. Photo: Star Wars: Eclipse /

After Star Wars Eclipse was announced in 2021, Star Wars fans immediately called into question Lucasfilm Games’ partnership with Quantic Dream.

Members of the LGBTQ community in particular remain vocal about their concerns regarding the way Eclipse will represent them, since Quantic Dream has a reputation of poorly representing and treating minorities in its workplace as well as its games.

This week, Quantic Dream released a statement to serve as a public update regarding its company culture and values. Several of the bullet points included within the statement directly address LGBTQ representation both within its projects and the company creating said projects.

“We are partnering with an LGBTQIA+ organization to advise on authentic representation of LGBTQIA+ characters, stories and themes in our games. Training sessions and brainstorms have already started,” part of the statement reads. Additionally: “Our LGBTQIA+ community has nominated representatives to ensure that diverse voices and authentic representation are infused in everything that we do, and that a diversity of viewpoints are represented at all levels in the studio. ”

The statement highlighted its internal LGBTQ representation to support its claims that it values how members of this community are treated both in the real world and in its fictional creations.

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“Employees from the LGBTQIA+ community have been present at the studio since its creation,” the statement continues. “Many have seniority of ten years or more in the company, occupying all positions and levels of responsibilities.  ”

The statement also points to over half of its management being women, and that any employee is allowed to report issues in the workplace anonymously.

The statement concludes: “To ensure that our core values and beliefs are clear and represented, we will continue to broaden ourselves, make our workplace the safest environment and further support communities and our own team here at Quantic Dream.  ”

The statement is signed by David Cage, Guillaume De Fondaumier and “the rest of the Quantic Dream Team” and remains just a statement until actions are taken and results are shown to prove the promises that have been made are legitimate.

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