Did the lightsaber crafting droid Huyang appear in the Ahsoka footage?

Ahsoka. Photo courtesy of Lucasfilm. 2020 Lucasfilm Ltd ™ . All Rights Reserved
Ahsoka. Photo courtesy of Lucasfilm. 2020 Lucasfilm Ltd ™ . All Rights Reserved /

Star Wars Celebration is full of surprises, and some footage from Ahsoka was one of the little treats that we were able to get.

To very few people’s surprise, we have confirmation that Star Wars Rebels veterans Hera Syndulla, Sabine Wren, and Chopper will be making their live-action debuts. But the extremely short clip also revealed one of Star Wars: The Clone Wars’ most interesting droids, the ancient lightsaber crafting droid Huyang.

Huyang appeared in season five of Star Wars: The Clone Wars and he was voiced by none other than Doctor Who himself, David Tennant. Dave Filoni heard that he was a Star Wars fan, and gave him this role. And this was not just a cameo, Huyang was the main character for most of the arc, and eventually, David Tennant even won a Daytime Emmy for his performance as Huyang.

In the leaked footage we clearly see the face of Huyang along with Ahsoka, which raises a few questions. The first of these would be how did Huyang survive Order 66 and did the younglings he was last pictured with also survive Order 66?

Certainly, Huyamg himself is not a Jedi, but one of the Star Wars comics even depicts the Empire destroying the lightsabers of slain Jedi, so certainly the Empire would be out to destroy any remnants of the Jedi. If the pictured droid is in fact Huyang, we will probably need quite of bit of explanation of where he has been over the last few decades.

The next question is whether David Tennant will be reprising his role. Being the former Doctor Who he would have the experience to play the role during the Ahsoka mini-series. Star Wars also has started to have a good number of celebrity cameos, such as Red Hot Chili Pepper star Flea appearing in Obi-Wan KenobiSo Star Wars and Doctor Who fans will have to wait for some more information to be released about Huyang in the upcoming series.

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The Ahsoka series is currently in production and has been confirmed for release sometime during 2023.