Will The Bad Batch Season 2 still release in September?

Omega and Clone Force 99 investigate. "Kamino Lost." The Bad Batch. Courtesy of StarWars.com.
Omega and Clone Force 99 investigate. "Kamino Lost." The Bad Batch. Courtesy of StarWars.com. /

September is looking to be an exciting month for Star Wars fans, as Andor is set to premiere with three episodes on September 21st. But what about the other show set to air that same month? The long-awaited second season of The Bad Batch is set to begin the following week on the 28th. However, with no further word from Disney since, and Andor being moved from August to its current date, will The Bad Batch still release in September? Here’s why it might not.

Disney+ has had two shows airing at the same time before, most recently Obi-Wan Kenobi and Ms. Marvel. But according to reportsMs. Marvel had much lower viewership than any other MCU show on Disney+. One of the speculated reasons is because it aired alongside such an anticipated Star Wars series. As a result, Disney may have learned their lesson and doesn’t want to risk something similar happening with either Andor or The Bad Batch.

This could be why there hasn’t been much information from Disney about the second season of late. Although both of these shows are part of the Star Wars umbrella, unlike Ms. Marvel and Obi-Wan being two different fandoms, anything is possible.

The Bad Batch - The Bad Batch season 2
Star Wars: The Bad Batch – “Rampage” – Omega /

The Bad Batch follows Hunter, Tech, Wrecker, Echo, Omega, and Crosshair in the aftermath of Order 66 as they learn to navigate the ever-changing galaxy.

A trailer for the second season debuted at Star Wars Celebration back in May and it was available online shortly afterward. All we can do now is wait for Disney to share any further information about the upcoming season.

Even if it doesn’t air in September the trailer still claims it will come out this fall. Hopefully, a second trailer or some sort of news will be coming soon. Are you looking forward to the second season of The Bad Batch?