Will Regald Coll show up in Young Jedi Adventures?

Claudia Gray’s The Fallen Star cover. Photo: StarWars.com.
Claudia Gray’s The Fallen Star cover. Photo: StarWars.com. /

This article has spoilers for Star Wars The High Republic: The Fallen Star.

At Star Wars Celebration, it was announced that a new animated series set in the High Republic era was coming. Young Jedi Adventures was about a group of Jedi Younglings going on adventures learning what it means to be a true Jedi. D23 Expo gave us more details with the casting announcement of its leads with Jamaal Avery Jr. (Abbott Elementary) and Emma Berman (Luca) playing Jedi Youngling Kai Brightstar and pilot Nash Durango respectively.

Since Celebration, one question has been on my mind. One question more than any other has plagued me. It’s an inquiry that’s been making the rounds on The High Republic Twitter spaces, whispered in the depths of Discord, and teased in the turmoil of Tumblr:

Will Regald Coll be in Young Jedi Adventures?

Regald Coll is a character that first appeared in the briefest of brief moments in the comic issue The High Republic #9. But it was The High Republic: The Fallen Star where Regald got his full introduction. In his short 100-ish pages, this Jedi Knight instantly became a fan favorite in High Republic circles.

Full of puns and sass, all of the other characters both Jedi and Nihil alike didn’t seem to appreciate his dry sense of humor. Readers ate it up and were crushed at his fast demise. Since then, there have been more requests for Regald content. One Twitter user even drew their own fanart for the Jedi Knight since there wasn’t any official artwork.

But why would Regald be a good fit for Young Jedi Adventures? That’s because in The Fallen Star, it was revealed that Regald used to work with younglings. He was a crèche supervisor and teacher who helped little ones develop their abilities. It was because of the rising conflict with the Nihil that he stepped away to help fight in the war. Throughout The Fallen Star, he constantly says and thinks how much he misses his kids back in the crèche and can’t wait to get back to them.

While it would make the events around The Fallen Star even more heartbreaking, Regald Coll is a fantastic fit for Young Jedi Adventures. He could serve as the mentor along with Yoda, who has already been confirmed to be in the show. While we’re at it, I’d love to see both Torban “Buckets of Blood” Buck and Kantam Sy pop up as well as they’re teachers for the padawans. A guest appearance with those two, Lula Talisola, Farzala Tarabal, and Qort would be amazing.

If Regald did show up in Young Jedi Adventures, who would voice him? If I may indulge in a bit of fan casting for the fun of it, I could see two people play him well. The first being Alex Hirsch from Gravity Falls and The Owl House. The other is Arin Hanson from Game Grumps and Onyx Equinox. It would really depend on how they would present Regald in a show. Hirsch can do a good balance of heartfelt and chaotic emotions in a character. Hanson is fantastic at deadpan, comedic deliveries. I think either of them could do a lot of justice for Regald. But that’s just the little dream in my mind that I have if I were in charge.

Regardless—or REGALD-LESS—I’m excited for Young Jedi Adventures. Depending on how it shapes up with The Acolyte starting to film in the fall, this might be our first real on-screen look at The High Republic era. I don’t care if it’s for pre-schoolers. I’m going to watch the heck out of it!

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