New Tales of the Jedi poster brings Ahsoka back into the spotlight

Tales of the Jedi. Image courtesy
Tales of the Jedi. Image courtesy /

We may be knee-deep in Andor right now, but that’s not the only Star Wars show premiering on Disney+ this month. The new animated, anthology show Tales of the Jedi will be dropping on October 26th.

The series was revealed over the summer at Star Wars: Celebration Anaheim. It will be a six-episode set of animated shorts. Three of them will follow Ahsoka, while the other three will follow Dooku during his time as a Jedi. Yesterday, we finally got our first look at the official poster for the series.

The poster features the two main characters, with Ahsoka even being on there three times. It also features some fan favorites like Obi-Wan, Anakin, and Qui-Gon. However, there are also a few Glup Shittos: Sixth Brother, Yaddle, and Tera Sinube. Overall, the design is gorgeous, with the characters being circled around the insignia of the Jedi Order.

Fans of The Clone Wars will surely love the episodes focusing on Ahsoka. We know it begins with her being found by the Jedi Order (via a Seeker) and taken from her Togrutan family. The first full episode was shown in its entirety at Celebration. Judging by her outfits on the poster and the trailer footage, we will likely see one episode from early in her training with Anakin and one after the Jedi Purge.

The Dooku episodes will be very interesting, as the content of Dooku before is turn to the dark side is somewhat scarce. The Dooku Jedi: Lost audiodrama by Cavan Scott is our best look at the character so far. It remains to be seen what connections there may be between the two. We will certainly see part of his mentorship of Qui-Gon Jinn, but we don’t know if we will see everyone’s favorite cowboy Jedi: Rael Aveross.

Tales of the Jedi looks to be a great addition to Star Wars television. The animation quality seen in The Clone Wars Season 7 and The Bad Batch has been so incredible, that it’s always exciting to see more content in that style.

Stay tuned for Tales of the Jedi on October 26th, only on Disney+.