12 best Star Wars Reddit communities for every type of fan

Taika Waititi is IG-11 in the Disney+ series THE MANDALORIAN.
Taika Waititi is IG-11 in the Disney+ series THE MANDALORIAN. /

Not unlike Wookieepedia, the 501st Legion, and Dork Side of the Force, Reddit has long been a cultural epicenter for the Star Wars community to connect, celebrate, and create.

One of the most intriguing strengths of Reddit as a platform is the unique subcultures, shared language, and norms that evolve in each of its individual subreddits. Of course, this rings true for the many Star Wars communities on the content-sharing site, each celebrating a corner of the Star Wars fandom with its own unique flavor.

12 of the Best Star Wars Communities on Reddit

There are dozens of unique Star Wars Reddit communities, some of which boast millions of followers. To save you some time sorting through them all, we’ve compiled a list of some of the biggest and most popular, along with a few of the smaller, delightfully quirky ones that some users could easily miss.

Just as Reddit has something for every interest and every type of user, Star Wars Reddit has a variety of worthwhile destinations for every type of fan.

1. Star Wars

Subscribers: 2,506,000

r/PrequelMemes is one of the largest and most active Star Wars subreddits, and its posts frequently appear on the front page of Reddit.

This massive forum has been around for nearly 15 years, almost as long as Reddit itself. In terms of content, it hosts a little bit of everything from news to discussions, jokes, art, and other fan creations.

2. Prequel Memes

Subscribers: 2,240,000

r/PrequelMemes is one of the largest and most active Star Wars subreddits around, and its posts frequently appear on the front page of Reddit as a whole.

As the name implies, r/PrequelMemes focuses entirely on memes derived from Star Wars prequel content. This originally referred primarily to the three films of the prequel trilogy. However, as the community has grown, it has been quick to “claim” any content taking place prior to the events of A New Hope as falling within the domain of prequel content.

Notably, the subreddit has consistently outshined its sibling communities r/SequelMemes, r/OTMemes, and the more broad r/starwarsmemes. While each community has its own value, there’s something special about r/PrequelMemes that gives it more than 4X the followers of any of these others, plus a more active community and a seemingly endless flow of new content.

3. Star Wars Cantina

Subscribers: 120,000

One thing that the Star Wars and Reddit communities have in common is the unfortunate, occasional tendency for passionate enthusiasm to give way to toxic behavior. To address this issue, r/StarWarsCantina strives to create a positive community celebrating the Star Wars galaxy.

While all voices and opinions are welcome at r/StarWarsCantina, the moderators discourage negativity and excessive criticism of the films or other users. Instead, the community prefers to promote active, intentional enthusiasm for Star Wars movies and other content. So, if you are looking for a safe space to celebrate your love of Star Wars with like-minded folks, give this community a try!

4. Imaginary Jedi

Subscribers: 72,000

Part of the Imaginary Network Expanded (INE) collection of subreddits, r/ImaginaryJedi is a gallery for Star Wars fan art of all sorts. If you have yet to explore any of the INE communities, most of which have names beginning with “imaginary,” each one is a delightful foray into beautiful worlds, fascinating scenes, and captivating characters.

Beyond being primarily high-quality, beautiful images, the content on r/ImaginaryJedi covers quite a range, including:

  • Hyper-realistic depictions of familiar Star Wars Characters
  • Landscapes of planets and settings, both new and familiar
  • Crossovers with the characters and settings of other fictional worlds
  • Fan-fictionalized art and imagination of all sorts

Like its many siblings in the INE family, r/ImaginaryJedi is a delightful and peaceful feed that lets you escape into a gorgeous and fascinating universe for a few minutes at a time.

5. Star Wars EU

Subscribers: 281,000

For fans of the extracanonical realms of the Star Wars universe, r/StarWarsEU is a must-see stop on your tour of Star Wars Reddit. This community heartily welcomes all content from the Star Wars Legends and Expanded Universe media.

r/StarWarsEU is a place for dedicated Star Wars fans who love exploring the franchise’s many branches in depth. It is also common for members of the page to apply their knowledge of the extended canon to observe and compare details of the mainline films and series.

6. Lightsabers

Subscribers: 151,000

As the name implies, r/lightsabers is the preeminent Star Wars subreddit dedicated exclusively to the love of lightsabers.

The moderators welcome anything lightsaber-related on the subreddit — however, most posts concern the hobby of crafting and collecting replica and custom-built lightsabers.

If you have a passion for the art, science (fiction), and mechanical workings of lightsabers, this community is definitely worth exploring.

7. The Mandalorian (TV)

Subscribers: 492,000

Not to be confused with r/Mandalorian, a cool subreddit in its own right showcasing all things Mandalorian culture and armor, r/TheMandalorianTV is the hub for fans of the near-universally beloved TV series The Mandalorian.

While practically every major Star Wars video game, movie, and TV series, has a dedicated subreddit, some of which bustle with activity, we won’t spend too much time on this list covering each one individually. However, r/TheMandalorianTV is one of the largest and most active Star Wars subreddits, a solid testament to the underlying fan enthusiasm for the series itself.

Posts include news and updates about the series, memes, discussions, fan theories, and more. So if you find yourself on pins and beskar needles waiting for the next episode or season to arrive, it’s good to know that at least these half million Redditors have your back.

8. TR-8R

Subscribers: 7,000

r/TR8R is a smaller subreddit that has almost entirely died out but is still worth mentioning as a reminder of the silliness and entertaining content that Star Wars fans can create when they come together.

Many will remember the 2015 TR-8R meme sensation that followed the release of Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens. For the uninitiated, in one scene in the film, Finn is confronted by a stormtrooper who passionately decries him as a traitor. A brief but intense fight ensues.

In the wake of the movie’s release in theaters, this stormtrooper became an instant viral hit. So naturally, people rushed to their meme sites of choice, dubbing him TR-8R after his one line, “TRAITOR!” Today, r/TR8R remains a gleeful reminder of the memes, jokes, and high silliness that emanated from this brief moment in Star Wars history.

9. Star Wars Leaks

Subscribers: 401,000

For the young Padawans out there with no patience, there’s r/StarWarsLeaks. When the bonafide firehose of available Star Wars content out there just isn’t enough, this community of over 400,000 strong is a great resource for discovering the as-of-yet-unreleased.

Users of r/StarWarsLeaks discuss news and leaked information concerning upcoming and unreleased media in the Star Wars Universe. Moderators prefer to keep the community free from speculation, fan fiction, and theories, focusing instead on tangible news and confirmable developments about upcoming releases.

10. Found the Jedi

Subscribers: 34,000

r/FoundTheJedi is another excellent example of the pure creative fun that can happen when Reddit and Star Wars come together. This page highlights images, gifs, and videos of real-world scenarios with people appearing to demonstrate Jedi powers.

Typical posts include superimposed videos that make it look like someone is engaged in an epic lightsaber duel. You may also see gifs of people seemingly demonstrating telekinetic force powers like force push and force pull.

This community is much less focused on lore and core content than some of its counterparts and more on the simple delight of being a Star Wars fan in everyday life.

11. Star Wars Tattoo

Subscribers: 262,000

There’s not much to say here that the title of r/StarWarsTattoo doesn’t already tell you. It’s a beautiful gallery of body art inspired by all corners and facets of the Star Wars universe.

If you’re looking for inspiration for your next cool Star Wars tattoo idea, or are simply curious to see what people feel strongly enough about to permanently implant on their skin, this subreddit is a great place to visit!

12. Empire Did Nothing Wrong

Subscribers: 520,000

It’s an older meme page, sir, but it checks out.

r/EmpireDidNothingWrong remains quite active more than seven years after its creation, a considerable feat for a niche meme subreddit. This community regularly posts a mix of art, memes, and discussion centering around one idea: that the Galactic Empire did nothing wrong.

The whole subreddit is a celebration of the Empire as it existed in the original Star Wars film trilogy. Posts praise imperial stormtroopers, other personnel, and Emperor Palpatine himself.

Whether this entire subreddit is a joke gone too far, honest distaste for rebel scum, or some form of grassroots pro-imperial propaganda remains unclear. One thing that’s for sure is it’s an intriguing take on the original Star Wars trilogy and an enthusiastic community to meet.

If You Only Knew the Power of Star Wars Reddit

Star Wars has something to offer every type of fan — from the collector to the historian, the sci-fi engineer, the escapist, and more. Not unlike our own community here at Dork Side of the Force, the various Star Wars Reddit subcultures offer spaces to delight and entertain us all.

For new and veteran Redditors alike, there is always something new to discover on the far-reaching platform. With so many options to choose from, today is a great day to branch out and find your next favorite Star Wars subreddit!