Star Wars Eclipse: Everything we know so far

Two Jedi prepare to face an oncoming threat. Photo: Star Wars: Eclipse
Two Jedi prepare to face an oncoming threat. Photo: Star Wars: Eclipse /

Since late 2021, the Star Wars gaming community has been ablaze with the conversation around the upcoming title, Star Wars Eclipse. In a relatively short time, the project has already managed to elicit equal parts curiosity, speculation, and controversy.

As of this writing, there are few confirmed details about the new collaboration between Lucasfilm Games and development house Quantic Dream. However, what we’ve seen so far gives us plenty to look forward to.

Below, we’ll fill you in on everything we know at this stage, what’s still rumors, and what to expect as the project comes closer to release.

Star Wars Eclipse release date

A droid looks across a desolate environment. Photo: Star Wars: Eclipse
A droid looks across a desolate environment. Photo: Star Wars: Eclipse /

Star Wars Eclipse is currently one of the most talked about Star Wars games on the internet, and seemingly everyone is trying to figure out when they might be able to play it.

Unfortunately, there is currently no concrete release date for Star Wars Eclipse. Since the game is still in the early development stages, it will likely still be quite a while before we get the chance to dive into the new experience.

As is typically the case with modern AAA game development, the scale of the project makes it quite difficult to set clear expectations about when it will make it to an eagerly waiting audience. However, numerous sources predict that a full Star Wars Eclipse release is still at least a few years away.

Has Star Wars Eclipse been canceled?

There is currently no clear evidence that Eclipse has been canceled, though some rumors state that it either has been or inevitably will be.

Rumors as to the game’s early demise likely originate from a combination of observers’ concerns over the development timeline and the controversy swirling around the leadership and culture of development studio Quantic Dream.

Star Wars Eclipse trailer

The captivating cinematic trailer for Star Wars Eclipse, which dropped in late 2021, offered our very first glimpse into this mysterious new adventure.

As is often the case with reveal trailers, the preview gave us much to be excited about but was scant on informative details. However, there were at least a few things the Eclipse trailer taught us about the game, including details about its timeline, characters, and some of the action that is set to unfold.

Setting, story, and plot

Much of the confirmed information we have about Eclipse surrounds its narrative anchor.

The game will take place during the Star Wars galaxy’s High Republic era, a period largely unexplored by mainstream Star Wars media. This era began roughly 300 years before the events of the mainline Star Wars films, and was considered to be a golden age for the Jedi. So expect to see a window into a relatively unexplored period of Star Wars history, but not quite as far back as titles like Knights of the Old Republic (KOTOR).

As far as the specific storyline of the game goes, the details once again fall out of focus. However, one thing we do know is that the game will feature multiple playable characters and have a branching narrative that responds to player choices.

Assuming the game has at least some echoes of its predecessors of similar style, we can likely look forward to a story of one or more force-sensitive individuals embarking on an epic quest of both personal and galactic significance. Though, of course, only time will tell on that front.

Star Wars Eclipse gameplay

A speeder bike races across a natural landscape while an animal drinks at a pond. Photo: Star Wars: Eclipse
A speeder bike races across a natural landscape while an animal drinks at a pond. Photo: Star Wars: Eclipse /

Per the game’s official marketing page, Star Wars Eclipse will be an action-adventure game with a strong emphasis on character and story.

The development team has promised multiple playable protagonists and a heavy emphasis on player choice and evolving narrative. In this way, we can expect the game to have many fundamental elements of past Quantic Dream titles, such as Heavy Rain and Detroit: Become Human.

In all likelihood, we can expect an experience that combines blaster-and-lightsaber action with some amount of exploration and puzzle-solving, all serving as a narrative vehicle to carry us through new Star Wars worlds, characters, and events. Recent Star Wars titles like Jedi: Fallen Order are probably the closest analog for the type of experience we can expect here.

Quantic Dream controversy

Stepping briefly out of the world of the High Republic, one thing that fans eagerly anticipating the Star Wars Eclipse release date should be aware of is the ongoing controversy surrounding its primary developer, Quantic Dream.

The French game development studio has consistently been a focal point of the conversation about Eclipse. Toxic company culture, poor LGBTQ+ representation in their games, and derogatory remarks from Quantic Dream’s leadership are just a few of the reasons some fans object to Lucasfilm Games’ partnership with the studio on Eclipse.

Some have gone so far as to protest and encourage boycotting the game upon release, proliferating the hashtag #BlackoutStarWarsEclipse on social media.

A recent statement from the company’s leadership has promised a new commitment to authentic LGBTQ+ representation, both in its projects and its workforce. As to exactly how this commitment manifests and whether it satisfies the Star Wars audience at large, we will have to wait and see.

Staring straight at the Eclipse

The subtitle “Eclipse” is highly fitting for a game as shrouded in mystery, fascination, and apprehensive concern as this one.

The optimistic gamer has much to be excited about in this upcoming foray into our favorite galaxy. Meaningful story and choices, windows into new worlds, and strong character development offer an immersive and lore-packed jaunt for the Star Wars gaming community.

However, ambiguous timelines and heated business controversy threaten to black out the project before it ever has the chance to shine. If Star Wars Eclipse can overcome the legacy of a troubled development studio and deliver on its promises in a timely manner, we could be gearing up to a highly memorable and joy-filled moment in Star Wars gaming history.

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