How to unlock Doctor Aphra in Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes

Star Wars: Doctor Aphra #22, featuring Doctor Aphra. Artist: Paulina Ganucheau. Image courtesy
Star Wars: Doctor Aphra #22, featuring Doctor Aphra. Artist: Paulina Ganucheau. Image courtesy /

Doctor Aphra, possibly the most widely known Star Wars character who originated in the comics, has finally arrived in Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes.

Aphra has joined Tier IV of the characters available to unlock through Journey Guides, alongside the Grand Inquisitor (good luck leveling up your Inquisitor team) and Starkiller. It’s recommended that you achieve at least 1.5 million GP or more before attempting to unlock this and other characters in the tier.

Here’s what you’ll need in order to unlock Aphra as a playable character in battles:

  • Hondo Ohnaka – upgraded to Relic 5
  • 0-0-0 – upgraded to Relic 5
  • BT-1 – upgraded to Relic 5
  • Sana Starros – upgraded to Relic 5

For many players — especially those who stubbornly stick to the “free” promise of the free-to-play model (it’s me, hi) — will have to wait a while for all of these characters to overstay their welcome, so to speak.

In other words, once a character has been around in the game for a while, their upgrade shards become easier to get through farming. In the beginning, in some cases, you can only gain shards with crystals, and often, you have to pay for enough of those crystals with — gasp — real dollars.

So if you’re not into that (or you’re not allowed to be into that), patience will be the real key to unlocking everyone’s favorite rogue archeologist.

In the game, Aphra is classified as a Dark Side character, with additional Leader, Support, and Scoundrel classifications. So if you wanted to, down the line, create a chaotic team including Aphra, Han Solo, Starros, and others — they might actually work together well.

Whether Aphra is next in your grind or you’re still chipping away at the Millennium Falcon (no? just me? OK), this game never fails to continue adding super cool characters just when you thought you might finally be ready for a Galactic Legend. (Sigh.)

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