The Bad Batch episode 2: Words of wisdom leave lasting impact in “Ruins of War”


The Bad Batch season 2 has expanded fans’ horizons when it comes to “The Dad Batch” – and that’s a very good thing. Not only do fans see Omega join a dangerous mission without any grief from major dad Hunter, Omega spends some extra time with Echo and Tech in The Bad Batch episode 2, “Ruins of War.” Seeing Omega expand her independence and responsibilities is only part of what makes this show (and Star Wars) special.

The group of renegade clones find themselves with an opportunity to earn a major score (from episode 1); meaning, they can grab war chests filled with riches and finally escape the reach of the Empire. As Echo points out, such wealth could be “doing more” than just escape. They could help others and take a stand against the spreading tyranny. Despite all of this, Echo also shares how his (and all of their) suffering is because of Omega.

Grief or dealing with pain is a burden many characters have in the wide galaxy of Star Wars. Omega makes decisions in The Bad Batch episode 2, because she wants to make things better for her team. She risks her life to try and recover a war chest inside of a cargo hold, which is teetering on the edge of a cliff. In spite of all of this, fans latch onto these loveable characters for the same reason Omega lets go of the war chest spoils – certain things make us happy, while chasing treasures might only mask dealing with grief.

Happiness is the key to The Bad Batch episode 2: “Ruins of War”

The Bad Batch episode 2 in season 2 gives fans more than witnessing the aftermath after Dooku’s fall, it highlights how even small things are all people need to find joy in the world. After escaping the cargo container, Omega, Echo and an injured Tech find shelter from one of the planet’s survivors. In a very short time, Romar’s impact on this episode can be felt.

Romar has seen firsthand what Dooku’s greed has done; filling war chests full of spoils, while decimating his own people in the process. Despite the empire’s presence, Romar and others found a way to survive. He even shares a unique object with Omega, even if she’s not sure what it is at first.

"“It’s a toy. Makes you happy. And believe me, that, is worth more than any jewel.”"

And just like that, one line tells us all we need to know about the characters we love in The Bad Batch and all of Star Wars. There are so many wonderful characters in a galaxy far, far away where they’ve become the fans’ “toys.” In times when life can be quite challenging, and people find ways to deal with those hard times, sometimes the littlest things help get people through.

Omega tries to get over Echo’s comments, how they “don’t have a normal life” because of her, by trying to improve their lives with the war chest. Echo is also there to tell her to move forward and “let it go.” In doing so, he’s telling her he’s moved on from what has happened in his life and wanting to move forward – and he asks her to do the same thing.

The Bad Batch has a phenomenal cast of characters worth holding onto, giving fans reason to smile and be happy with each passing words of wisdom. The show is another great reminder of how easy it is to fall into patterns of finding ways to only deal with grief. It also shows it’s equally important to find positive solutions to move forward and ultimately be happy – and The Bad Batch is “worth more than any jewel,” that’s for sure.

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