Could Lux Bonteri be in the Ahsoka series?

Ahsoka Tano from "STAR WARS: TALES OF THE JEDI", season 1 exclusively on Disney+. © 2022 Lucasfilm Ltd. & ™. All Rights Reserved.
Ahsoka Tano from "STAR WARS: TALES OF THE JEDI", season 1 exclusively on Disney+. © 2022 Lucasfilm Ltd. & ™. All Rights Reserved. /

The upcoming Ahsoka television series is confirmed to have many connections to Star Wars Rebels. In addition to Ahsoka Tano herself, the series will feature many Rebels characters, including Sabine Wren, Hera Syndulla, Grand Admiral Thrawn, Ezra Bridger, and Chopper.

While Ahsoka will primarily be a continuation of Rebels, it also has the potential to continue storylines and relationships that began in The Clone Wars, the animated series where Ahsoka first made her debut. An intriguing Clone Wars character to include in the Ahsoka series would be Lux Bonteri.

Lux Bonteri’s history with Ahsoka

Lux and his mother Mina Bonteri were first introduced in The Clone Wars episode “Heroes on Both Sides.” Mina was a Separatist senator who was an old friend and former colleague of Padmé Amidala.

As Mina and Padmé worked to create peace between the Separatists and the Republic, Lux and Ahsoka met and began to form a connection, even beginning to develop romantic feelings for each other. It was an eye-opening experience as Ahsoka realized that the Separatists weren’t just monstrous villains, and Lux realized the same thing about the Jedi and the Republic.

Unfortunately, Count Dooku engineered Mina’s death to sabotage the peace talks and further prolong the Clone Wars. Enraged by his mother’s death, Lux began working with the group of Mandalorian extremists known as Death Watch, seeing the alliance as a means to an end of getting his revenge against Dooku.

Ahsoka tried to make Lux see that Death Watch were terrorists and that it was wrong to work with them, but Lux didn’t believe her until Death Watch began massacring innocent people. With help from R2-D2, Ahsoka and Lux worked together to escape Death Watch. Lux was grateful to Ahsoka for stopping him from going down a path he would regret. He parted ways from her, determined to find his own path.

The next time Lux and Ahsoka saw each other was on his home planet of Onderon. Lux had joined Saw Gerrera, Steela Gerrera, and other Onderon citizens in a rebellion against the Separatist invasion of their planet. Along with Anakin Skywalker, Obi-Wan Kenobi, and Captain Rex, Ahsoka trained Lux and the other rebels in how to wage an effective rebellion against the Separatist army.

Ahsoka and Lux were happy to see each other, but there was some awkwardness as Lux and Steela were now romantically involved with each other. Nevertheless, Ahsoka taught them well and stayed behind to serve as a liaison between the Onderon rebels and the Jedi when Anakin, Obi-Wan, and Rex departed the planet.

The rebels ultimately succeeded in getting the Separatists to retreat and reclaimed their planet, in large part due to the actions of Lux and Ahsoka. However, victory came at a heavy price as Steela died during the final battle despite Lux and Ahsoka’s best efforts to save her. Onderon officially joined the Republic and Lux was appointed Senator of Onderon. This is the last time that Ahsoka and Lux saw each other.

Lux Bonteri. Image courtesy
Lux Bonteri. Image courtesy /

Why Lux could be in the Ahsoka series

The Battlefront II: Inferno Squad novel by Christie Golden revealed that in the years after the Clone Wars, Lux married an Imperial woman, yet he became a member of the Rebel Alliance. Iden Versio learned the truth about Lux, but she only stunned him instead of killing him.

With this being the last chronological appearance of Lux in Star Wars canon, he may still be alive, and could make his live-action debut in the Ahsoka series. Lux’s history with the Rebel Alliance and in politics makes him a prime candidate to hold a position of authority within the New Republic.

Ahsoka is confirmed to be working with Hera, who also works for the New Republic. If Lux is in a position to get Ahsoka something needs, she could definitely use her connection to him. It doesn’t need to be a major part of the series, but Ahsoka reconnecting with an old friend and ally she once had romantic feelings for is an intriguing possibility. They did share a kiss once, even though it was only as part of Lux’s cover and to stop Death Watch from realizing Ahsoka was a Jedi.

Lux Bonteri. Image courtesy
Lux Bonteri. Image courtesy /

From a world-building perspective, Lux can give more insight into the New Republic, just as The Mandalorian has been doing. Lux was an idealist who always chose the political side he believed was right. It would be interesting to see what he thinks of the New Republic.

From a character-driven perspective, Lux can help explore Ahsoka’s growth, as he has known her even longer than the Rebels characters have. He can provide insight into how Ahsoka has changed since the Clone Wars, while also acknowledging her core qualities that remain the same.

Despite his extensive history with Ahsoka, Lux can still feel accessible to audiences meeting him for the first time by simply being introduced as a character Ahsoka once knew during the Clone Wars. Lux’s connections to the Separatists, Death Watch, the Republic, the Rebel Alliance, and Saw Gerrera’s Partisans could be mentioned as well, but they don’t have to be.

Bo-Katan Kryze is not expected to be in the Ahsoka series, but it is worth remembering that Lux has history with her as well when he worked with Death Watch. In fact, The Clone Wars episode “A Friend in Need” is when Bo-Katan was first introduced, and when she first met Ahsoka and Lux.

Dave Filoni has already brought many Clone Wars and Rebels characters into live-action. If Lux is ever going to make his live-action debut, the Ahsoka series would be the place to do it.

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