Star Wars merchandise confirms a big Ahsoka rumor

Ahsoka. The Mandalorian season 2. Courtesy of Lucasfilm.
Ahsoka. The Mandalorian season 2. Courtesy of Lucasfilm. /

It’s amazing how often something gets leaked from a movie or tv show because a merchandise company posted something on social media showing off their new “thing”. Whether it’s been Lego confirming who the new Black Panther was going to be in Wakanda Forever after the passing of Chadwick Boseman, or other companies showing apparel, posters, or other products with something from a movie, it does seem to be happening a lot in recent years.

The latest leak comes from the upcoming Ahsoka show set for release next month on Disney Plus. There has been much speculation about potential cameos and possible characters not listed on the official cast list release. Will Hayden Christensen reprise his role as Darth Vader on the Ahsoka show? According to a leaked T-shirt, the answer is yes!

So what does this all mean? It’s just a leaked photo, right? Well yes, yes it is. But, it’s also important because with the show being set after The Return of the Jedi, this means that the Anakin / Darth Vader we see will be in flashbacks to Clone Wars era Anakin or post-order 66 as Darth Vader. And with Anakin being her Jedi Master and the close relationship that was had by Skyguy and Snips, there may be some major character development easter eggs shared with these flashbacks.

Throughout the course of the Clone Wars movie and Clone Wars TV series, we saw the bond between Master and Padawan grow immensely. The respect and care they had for each other and each others abilities was evident in the animated series. But with Star Wars Rebels we saw Ahsoka’s realization that Anakin was no longer Anakin. Her realization that Anakin was alive, that he had given way to the dark side of the force and was now Darth Vader.

In season 2 of Star Wars Rebels, the episode “Twilight of the Apprentice” shows a fight between Ahsoka and Vader. She hasn’t come to terms with Anakin possibly being alive, and what’s more, the possibility of him being Darth Vader. There is a heartbreaking moment where she is forced to acknowledge all of this. I am hoping that one of the flashbacks has to do with this moment. As powerful as the animation was in this scene, I would love to see it played out in live action. I would love to see Ahsoka’s escape from the Sith Temple showed on film. There are many theories about this. Does it involve the World between Worlds, somehow? It’s not a major plot point, but one that I have always wondered about, particularly since after Kanan and Ezra left, or were force pushed out by Ahsoka, actually, and it would be nice to see an answer. Get a little closure on it, selfishly for me. It’s ok though if you want that too.

And although it’s “just a leaked photo”, it does have some significance. It can have some major implications to the show and its story. Since its set post ROTJ, we may very well be having force ghost interaction with Anakin after his return to the light. Does he speak of remorse for life course and actions? Does he understand what truly happened to and with Padme? These are questions that could be answered.

So yeah, it’s just a leaked photo …. But a leaked photo with promise and hope for what we MIGHT see.