Yoda Star Wars comic reveals more about Force ghosts

Yoda. Image courtesy StarWars.com
Yoda. Image courtesy StarWars.com /

This article contains SPOILERS for Star Wars Yoda #10.

A new Star Wars comic in Yoda #10 has revealed new information on what we already know about Force Ghosts.

From Qui-Gon Gin to Obi-Wan Kenonbi, we haven’t had a lot of knowledge on the extent of Force Ghosts, but a new comic has revealed a little more information. Right before Obi-Wan sees Luke on Hoth and tells him to go to the Degoba system, it appears he meets with Yoda first. This implies that being a “ghost” is controlled and not just chance.

This gives credence to the idea that those who do have the power can pop up anywhere they want and give advice when others need it. The other issue is obviously that Anakin has shown himself in ghost form but hasn’t appeared to Ashoka yet.

Another explanation is some training in the Force before they pass and that training is what helps them with their powers.

It’s confusing but since the 10 edition comic line is officially canon, it seems that the Force Ghost may be something that is now canon.

Whatever the explanation is, the force users in Ghost form appear to have agency and it makes you think whether it’s the force that is telling these Jedi what to do or rather it’s another person that’s using the force to request them to do something. In the case of Yoda, it seems he is taking the initiative to start that conversation and as well a Qui-Gon Gin in the Obi-Wan Kenobi series, but then it also appears that Obi-Wan was instructed to go to Luke on Hoth and then used the fierce to find him.

But it also would make more sense that it was the will of the force of where they went since that would follow the canon more closely, being that the Force is essentially a character in Star Wars as it is.

Whatever the reasoning is, new Star Wars content is always a good thing!