Star Wars: Legion Tempest Force offers more AT-ST firepower in Empire Faction

Star Wars: Legions. Image courtesy
Star Wars: Legions. Image courtesy /

Star Wars: Legion is a tabletop game from Atomic Mass Games that features miniatures and large-scale battles from where you can play as the Confederacy of Independent Systems, the Grand Army of the Republic, the Empire, and the Rebellion. The Empire Faction already has one of the best Battle Forces with Blizzard Force, and now you combine that with Tempest Force, the Empire is poised to become the strongest faction.

For those who don’t know, Tempest Force was the force that was detached to protect the Forest Moon of Endor, where the shield for the Death Star was being housed. In The Return of the Jedi, the Rebel forces led by Han Solo, and  Princess Leia attempted to overthrow the base to take the shield down so the space fleet could then destroy the new Death Star being built.

In this Battleforce, all vehicles get Scout 2 and can advance farther on the battlefield. The AT-ST has a massive base, so it can make it within range of the mortar to add suppression and slow down the advancing army. However, the downside to this army is the Core units cannot remove more than one suppression during the rally step if they are outside range 3 of your Commander, which leaves them vulnerable to being suppressed over time.

The newest addition to the Empire is Major Marquand. This elite AT-ST pilot boasts a massive dice pool with the MS-4 Blaster rolling 6 dice and has Impact 3 and is range 1-4. He also boasts two Melee weapons that, when combined with the Keyword Arsenal 2, he rolls 3 black dice, one red dice, and one white dice. His first melee weapon can also be combined with his MS-4 Blaster to add 3 extra dice and another impact for a total of 9 dice and impact 4, perfect for taking out heavy armor.

Tempest Force is a great addition to a faction that has been winning tournaments as of late. Despite the last points update nerfing the Blizard Force a little bit, Commander Vader and the Heavy Response Units in Blizzard Force are still some of the best units in the game.