Marvel’s Dark Droids reveals the Sith once saved the galaxy from something far worse

Marvel's Dark Droids 1 Star Wars comic. Image courtesy
Marvel's Dark Droids 1 Star Wars comic. Image courtesy /

The Sith, as we all know it, is this great force of evil; they are the epitome of an epic villain in the whole entire Star Wars universe. Most people might not have realized that thanks to the Ancient Sith, the galaxy was protected from something far worse than anything they could’ve conjured up. Let’s look into how this all came to be!

The Star Wars galaxy was saved from much worse thanks to the Ancient Sith.

The current comic event from Marvel is Star Wars: Dark Droids and the second issue had a banger reveal. A new villain named Scourge is sharing some of his past life with everyone. Scourge was created by merging two unique types of technology. One is called Spark Eternal, an ancient form of AI initially designed to completely replace the Force. The other form of technology that brings Scourge together doesn’t have a name yet; it’s essentially a form of ‘viral consciousness’ that will constantly be spreading and consuming droids.

There was a Scourge that existed before. Before this newly-born form of Scourge, he shared that he was actually defeated by one group: the Ancient Sith.

According to ScreenRant, here’s just a little bit more about Scourge’s Origin Story:

"“In order to trap and kill Palpatine, Qi’ra used a device known as the Fermata Cage. The Dark Side technology is essentially a time prison, trapping its victim in one suspended moment, stretched out to eternity. However, when the Fermata Cage opened, the only thing that fell out was a small, disc-shaped droid – a device fans now know to have contained the last of the viral intelligence defeated by the Sith. Scourge reveals that the Sith originally beat it using the Force, saving the entire galaxy from its hunger”."

Since connecting to even more droids over time, this also comes with the fact that it has access to so much information. Another thing that makes the Scourge so scary is that it never stops ‘eating’. Because of this, all life forms could eventually have been destroyed, besides itself of course; the Scourge essentially wants to consume the whole entire galaxy.

Now, it’s time for the Sith to save the galaxy, once again…

Due to everything that the Ancient Sith did to stop the Scourge (virus), the timeline would put this happening roughly before Darth Bane introduced The Rule of Two (with the Sith, there are always two: one apprentice and his master).

The Sith has already done this once before, and the comic is insinuating that it could fall on them to defeat Scourge once again.

What do you think of this new revelation? Although the Sith is a sinister, evil ‘organization,’ they have done good for the galaxy in the past. One thing’s for sure, though, if you ask me, we cannot portray the Sith as good because it’s so much fun to see all of the destruction and chaos they cause, am I right?

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