Young Jedi Adventures recap: Charhound Chase

"STAR WARS: YOUNG JEDI ADVENTURES" exclusively on Disney+. ©2023 Lucasfilm Ltd. & TM. All Rights Reserved.
"STAR WARS: YOUNG JEDI ADVENTURES" exclusively on Disney+. ©2023 Lucasfilm Ltd. & TM. All Rights Reserved. /

Young Jedi Adventures “Charhound Chase” opens with the Jedi Younglings Nubs (Dee Bradley Baker) and Lys Solay (Juliet Donenfeld) practicing their lightsaber dueling on an obstacle course. As they finish, their friend Kai Brightstar (Jamaal Avery Jr.) excitedly sprints over with great news:

Master Loden Greatstorm and his Padawan Bell Zettifar are coming to teach their class that day. Fun fact: this episode confirms that Young Jedi Adventures takes place before Phase I of The High Republic’s timeline, in case you were wondering.

Lys and Nubs don’t understand the excitement because they don’t know who Loden and Bell are. Kai sings the gospel of Loden Greatstorm and how he’s one of the best teachers in the Jedi Order. Kai is also excited to meet Loden’s Padawan because Kai dreams of being one someday.

Just then, two Jedi Vectors fly over their temple on Tenoo with their guest’s arrival. The Younglings race to meet their teacher, Master Zia Zanna (Nasim Pedrad), out front. Before anyone can say anything, Kai sprints to Bell and gushes about how cool Padawans are and his excitement to meet them. Loden (Matthew Yang King) and Bell (Marcus Scribner) greet the Younglings. Kai wants to know everything about being a Padawan, but then there is an adorable interruption.

Ember, Bell’s Charhound, pops out of the Jedi Vector. The creature-loving Lys is ecstatic to meet the fire pup, though Nubs isn’t the most on board with the flames shooting around his fur-covered body. You’ll be okay, Nubs!

Master Zia invites them to show their new guests around the Tenoo Temple, but Bell chooses to stay outside. As a responsible pet owner, he wants to let Ember run around after their flight. Kai stays with Bell to help out with Ember (and ask his burning questions about being a Padawan).

Kai takes Bell and Ember to their obstacle course area, and Bell pulls out a metal and crystal rod to play fetch with the fire pup. Bell instructs Kai to use the Force to control the rod. But in his over-eagerness, Kai chucks the rod deep into the nearby forest. Ever the teenager, Bell essentially is like, “That was awesome! Let’s practice more with the Force!” which Kai is thrilled to do.

Meanwhile, Ember finds her toy deep in the woods. But just as she prepares to bring it back, one of the critters of Tenoo pops out to distract her. The pup excitedly blows fire, and the leaves of the plants around her begin to singe.

Back with the Padawan and Youngling, Bell is walking Kai through the Force exercise. Though, it’s been a little time since Ember returned. They decide to go into the woods to look for her.

Wanting to show off for Bell, springs up into one of the mighty trees of the planet, bouncing from limb to limb to get a better view. Despite Bell’s warning, Kai jumps for a faraway branch!

And he misses, plummeting towards the ground! Bell reaches out with the Force, straining in the effort because he, too, is still a student. Kai is lowered safely to the forest floor, embarrassed but humbled at his mistake. Then, they spot the burnt leaves from earlier and follow the smoldering trail.

They hit a dead end, losing Ember’s trail near a stream. Kai is panicking because there is no way he wants to miss a class taught by THE Loden Greatstorm. Bell says they need to slow down and breathe, sitting to meditate. Kai follows suit, and the world of Tenoo is alive in the Force. A bug pulls Kai’s attention to a trail of muddy Charhound prints.

Kai dashes into the woods, once again ignoring Bell’s warnings. Kai accidentally sprints right off a cliff, tumbling down the embankment. Bell springs into action, sliding down massive tree roots to catch the Youngling at the bottom.

Kai’s pride is as bruised as his body. He sits down and apologizes, admitting that he’s messed up. However, Bell encourages Kai, stating he made all sorts of mistakes as a Youngling. Kai’s drive to keep fighting and never give up is a good thing. Bell tells the Youngling that he hopes his Padawan will be just like Kai when he’s a Jedi Knight.

Then they hear Ember barking in the distance, but she sounds like she’s in trouble! The Jedi duo race to see the pup facing off against a massive beast called a Gangul. Ember blows fire at the Gangul, upsetting the large creature.

Kai fails to distract the beast, so Bell uses the Force to lift a log. Bell has an idea: Play fetch with the Gangul. Together, they hold the Gangul’s attention as Kai learns the lesson from earlier, and they throw the log into the forest. The Gangul rushes after it, saving Ember. Bell congratulates his new friend, to Kai’s excitement.

Back at the Temple, Loden is ready to begin his class. Bell and Kai hurry in. With the day saved, Loden Greatstorm begins his lesson on lightsaber forms.