Unwrapping the Star Wars LEGO Advent Calendar: Day 4

2023 Star Wars LEGO Advent Calendar. Image Credit: Eric Clayton / Dork Side of the Force
2023 Star Wars LEGO Advent Calendar. Image Credit: Eric Clayton / Dork Side of the Force /

Day 4 of the 2023 Star Wars LEGO Advent Calendar is peak LEGO Star Wars: a Santa-theme pit droid, complete with a sack full of—I want to say toys? Spare parts? Pieces of exploded podracers? It’s silly. It’s on theme. It’s Star Wars.

We were first introduced to pit droids in Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace. These little guys were crawling all over the Boonta Eve Classic in Mos Espa, ready to fine-tune any podracers in need of fixing. Pit droids have shown up time and again in Star Wars stories ever since, from main characters in episodes of Star Wars: The Clone Wars to background Easter eggs in comics, video games, and more.

More recently, we’ve come to know and love the pit droid crew at Peli Motto’s Mos Eisley Hangar 3-5. They were responsible for helping bring Din Djarin’s unique N-1 Starfighter online—hopefully today’s Santa Pit Droid visited those good little Mos Eisley pit droids and rewarded them for their hard work and kindness!

In any case, I like the story connections we’re seeing day-to-day in this year’s Advent Calendar: Omega and the ship that captured her, the Justifier; the revamped N-1 Starfighter and a holiday take on the droid that rebuilt it. And both today’s and yesterday’s builds introduced us to reimagined versions of ships and droids we’d first encountered in Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace! Who cares if only one of those is officially canon?

It’s a colorful build. Instead of the classic rusty red hues of the pit droids we know and love, this build includes a bright, Christmas-y red cap and body with white appendages and a blue nose. This is exactly the kind of build you want in your Advent Calendar: a holiday twist on a well-known character. We’ve gotten holiday-themed gonk droids in the past, as well as Christmas sweater-wearing minifigures, so it’s nice to have another holiday exclusive thrown in.

Come back tomorrow to see what Day 5 contains.