10 best aliens introduced in Episode I: The Phantom Menace

Episode I introduced over 40 new species into the canon! Did your favorite make it on the list?
Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace. Ray Park as Darth Maul. Image credit: StarWars.com
Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace. Ray Park as Darth Maul. Image credit: StarWars.com /
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6. Dug

Podracing champion and known slime ball Sebulba introduced audiences around the world to Dugs, a species of long-snouted creatures hailing from the planet Malastare. Their unique limbs flip the functions of both arms and legs, allowing them to walk on one set of hands and use their feet as hands instead. For generations, Dugs competed for their homeworld with the towering figure of the Zillo Beast, using their determination, quick reflexes, and stored knowledge to take their world for themselves. These qualities have existed in Dugs ever since, both for good and, in Sebulba's case, bad.

7. Toydarian

The Toydarians are known for their wings and elephant seal noses. They demonstrate the advancements made in CGI that allowed the Star Wars creators to expand from practical effects in character design. Apart from their physiology, the Toydarians are notable due to their resistance to the Force, presenting an additional challenge to Qui-Gon on Tatooine. As a slaver and smarmy businessperson, Watto represents the worst of the Toydarians, but they were influential in the Clone Wars as allies to the Republic and have made positive impacts across the galaxy.

8. Tholothian

Star Wars is no stranger to head appendages, but the Tholothian presents a brand new type of skull. In addition to a scaly scalp, Tholothians have a series of tendrils that are the main point of differentiation between their species and humans. Jedi Masters Adi Gallia and Stass Allie are two of the better-known Tholothians in the galaxy.

9. Iktotchi

Although they are described as near-human, their large horns and prominent eyebrow ridges set them apart. Force-sensitive Iktotchi, such as Jedi Saesee Tiin and recently a character from The Bad Batch named Eva, have appeared across the Star Wars universe. Some Iktotchi have used their considerable strength to make their mark in unsavory ways as bounty hunters and crime lords.

10. Cerean

These coneheads offer a perfect example of how Star Wars wasn't afraid to get silly with their character designs. While their appearance may not look too serious, their personalities often are. Their binary brains compel Cereans to consider issues from multiple perspectives. The best-known Cerean is Jedi Master Ki-Adi Mundi, who was a member of the Jedi Council and a warrior during the Clone Wars. While he did not make it past Order 66, the Cerean spirit survives on their planet Cerea. Each member is distinguished by their two hearts, scruffy eyebrows, and strangely shaped skulls.

As an honorable mention, the Asogians cannot be left off the list. While the name may not ring any immediate bells for you, this species actually had an entire movie made about them, even if it doesn't exist in the conventional Star Wars universe. Recognizable in a background shot of a senate hearing, the species known from the movie E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial makes a quick appearance. This short cameo adds a whole new context to the Halloween scene in E.T. when the titular character recognizes a child dressed as Yoda as a friend from home. Of course, this was a homage to Steven Speilberg, one of Goerge Lucas' longtime friends.

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