The Bad Batch season 3, episode 10 recap: Scientists and bounty hunters

It's about time Emerie got some focus in the series.

Star Wars: The Bad Batch. Season 3. Confined. Emerie Karr. Image Credit:
Star Wars: The Bad Batch. Season 3. Confined. Emerie Karr. Image Credit: /

Star Wars: The Bad Batch came off a stellar episode with the return of Asajj Ventress last week. With a dire warning from the Force user, it perfectly sets up this week’s episode, “Identity Crisis.” Let’s recap everything you missed in episode 10, “Identity Crisis.”

We open in a beautiful city with a parent and child in a shopping market. The child suddenly uses the Force to try and retrieve its toy, which is out of reach. Instead, it accidentally breaks a seller’s vase in front of a group of people. After the parent flees, one of the people in the market reports the incident for a class one bounty hunter.

We hop to Mount Tantiss, where Doctor Royce Hemlock leaves the mysterious vault. He’s met by Doctor Emerie Karr, informing them they’re stalling out while Nala Se is in confinement. Emerie wants more clearance to help. Hemlock approves, making her the new Chief Scientist and bringing her up to speed on Project Necromancer.

He takes her into the vault and reveals the “specimens” inside: Children with high M-counts who are being held captive. He shows her the testing process, explaining that Omega’s blood was the perfect binder between the children’s blood and the creations of “Somehow… Palpatine’s return” project.

While Hemlock is distracted, Emerie talks to one of the kids. Hemlock stops her from learning the child’s name and tells her not to have personal interactions with the “specimens.”

However, one of the kids, a Mirialan, looks like he scheming a way to escape.

We return to the village we opened with the mother and child. Cad Bane appears outside of their door, stunning the mother and taking the baby. Just like how he used to do in The Clone Wars. It’s like poetry… it rhymes. His droid, Todo-360, is here too! They check the child’s blood, confirming the babe has the right amount of M-counts, and they take the baby.

Back on Mount Tantiss, Emerie works with the child who talked to her before, introducing herself as Eva. Eva said that Nala Se would “find out when she could go home,” and she asked if Emerie could find out for her. Emerie says she will look into it.

She goes in with the Mirialan child, whose name is Jax, who snatches the datapad and makes a break for it! The other assistants lock down the room. Jax begs Emerie to let him go home. The clone Commandos come in. Jax sees a chance to run while the door is open. They stun the kid despite Emerie’s command not to.

Emerie goes to visit Nala Se. We find out that Nala Se discarded Emerie as a clone child. Emerie is adamant that the children don’t belong here. Nala Se agrees, but the Empire isn’t going to care. Nala Se charges her with looking after the children.

Hemlock meets her in the hallway about a newly arriving specimen. Emerie wants to go with Commander Scorch. He has to take a call from Governor Tarkin, so he gives her permission to go.

Tarkin is not pleased about how much money Hemlock is getting with his fancy secret project or that Hemlock won’t even share what it is. Then, Hemlock calls Clone-X2, who has tracked down Cid, someone we haven’t seen all season. Cid gave up Phee Genoa’s name, and he’s looking for the pirate now.

Emerie arrives with Scorch to meet up with Cad Bane and Todo. She tries to get some answers out of the bounty hunter, but he’s not very helpful.

Back at Tantiss, the new child is added to Emerie’s roster of children to test and watch. She notices that she can’t see Jax, who is being isolated as punishment for trying to escape. Also, Eva isn’t being very friendly because Jax is being punished, meaning Emerie lied to her.

Later in the lab, as Emerie is testing blood samples, it's revealed she's been holding onto Omega’s wicker doll of Lula from earlier episodes. Secretly, she gives it to Eva in Emerie’s own little act of Rebellion, bringing "Identity Crisis" to an end.

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