2 Ezra Bridgers met on the dance floor and the Star Wars fandom loved it

Ezra's Ahsoka actor Eman Esfandi danced with his Star Wars Rebels voice actor Taylor Gray at an Emmy's party.
2024 FAN EXPO New Orleans
2024 FAN EXPO New Orleans / Erika Goldring/GettyImages

Oftentimes, Star Wars fandom reminds me why I love this franchise. The last few days have been some of the best, thanks to a moment captured of two Ezra Bridgers on the dance floor.

At the Emmy's Disney Afterparty, Morgan Elsbeth actor Diana Lee Inosanto captured Eman Esfandi and Taylor Gray dancing together. This was incredibly fun to see because while the pair were at the San Francisco Fan Expo, this might be the first time they have been together publicly that's made it online. Gray first brought Ezra to life in Star Wars Rebels, and Esfandi picked up the live-action mantle in Ahsoka. You can see the video below or on Inosanto's Twitter page.

Honestly, they both dance exactly how I imagine Ezra Bridger to dance...

One of the best reactions to the video came from Lucasfilm Animation's voice actor, Sam Witwer. He voiced Darth Maul in The Clone Wars and Rebels, where Maul spent a good chunk of Season 3 trying to sway Ezra to the dark side to become his apprentice. Witwer shared on Twitter, "Whaaa...two apprentices?"

Fans also jumped at the opportunity to celebrate the moment. Japanese freelance artist @junchan_nyan on Twitter drew fanart of the two Ezras rocking out. It's incredibly adorable, and I genuinely hope Eman and Taylor got to see it.

By far the best response came from a surprising place. Inosanto had later shared a picture of her, the double Ezras, and Shin Hati actor Ivanna Sakhno from that evening. Buffalo Wild Wings responded with an old fandom joke that took this over the top.

See, Taylor Gray did a Buffalo Wild Wings commercial before Ahsoka's release and before we knew that Ezra would return to the franchise. The thing is, he used his Ezra Bridger voice, sending the fandom into a frenzy that we had finally found him and Thrawn at Buffalo Wild Wings. Fanart made the rounds of Thrawn as the restaurant manager with Ezra as the waiter as well as hilarious Rebels edits. That was a really fun week in 2022.

Whoever runs Buffalo Wild Wings' social media account deserves a raise, because the way they slid in there to dredge up this old joke sent everything over the top.

Buffalo Wild Wings responded to Inosanto's post with, "We have deals on deals on deals."

Taylor Gray did not miss the chance to jump in on the fun. He asked back, "How good of deals though… $5 tall house beers good?" To which Wild Wings wrapped up the fun with, "Buy one get one free boneless Thursdays good."


These are the best days in fandom when everyone comes together to have a good time over something joyful. Esfandi and Taylor love their character, and dancing together feel like a joyous celebration of the Eza Bridger they share. It really was a treat for the fans.

Next. We found Ezra at Buffalo Wild Wings. We found Ezra at Buffalo Wild Wings. dark