Author Alyssa Wong gifts High Republic fans all month long

Bring on the memes and confusion!
Star Wars: The High Republic Escape From Valo by Daniel Jose Older and Alyssa Wong. Image Credit:
Star Wars: The High Republic Escape From Valo by Daniel Jose Older and Alyssa Wong. Image Credit: /

If there is one truth among The High Republic fans, that is that Alyssa Wong and Daniel José Older are a wonderful chaotic team who also happen to make some of the best Star Wars novels around. Their upcoming book, The High Republic: Escape From Valo, drops on January 30. To get fans ready for the middle-grade novel, Wong made an announcement.

On Wong's Twitter account, they shared, "ESCAPE FROM VALO, the Star Wars book Daniel José Older and I wrote releases at the end of this month!! To celebrate, I'm posting something silly and spoiler-free every day until 1/30 to #CountdownToValo! Prepare for memes I've sent Daniel without context, songs from my writing playlist, etc.!" The tweet included the novel's cover and a text of a meme they sent to Older.

It's always a joy when creators get involved with the fandom, and this countdown sounds particularly delightful. It's very much similar to whatThe Bad Batch crew does weekly. Showrunner Jennifer Corbett and the Kiner siblings, Sean and Deana, who compose the score for the series with their father, Kevin Kiner, vaguely tweet previews for upcoming episodes of The Bad Batch to sneakily troll fans. Knowing Wong and Older, who love to engage with The High Republic fans and have shared playlists and memes in the past, the next month will be a ton of fun.

In The High Republic: Escape From Valo, Jedi Padawan Ram Jomaram grapples in the aftermath of his homeworld of Valo under siege by the villainous Nihil. The planet had already suffered a devastating attack at the Republic Fair during the events of The Rising Storm by Cavan Scott. Trapped behind the Occlusion Zone, Ram and a group of Jedi Younglings must plot their escape from behind enemy lines.

The High Republic: Escape From Valo releases on January 30.

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