Bad Batch: Is the mysterious CX-2 assassin a clone of Crosshair?

What if CX-2 is actually a clone of Crosshair?
Star Wars: The Bad Batch Season 3 "Shadows of Tantiss." Crosshair. Image Credit:
Star Wars: The Bad Batch Season 3 "Shadows of Tantiss." Crosshair. Image Credit: /

One of the biggest mysteries in The Bad Batch Season 3 thus far is the identity of the clone assassin CX-2. There are many theories on this clone's identity, but what if this assassin is actually a clone of one of the members of the Bad Batch: Crosshair?

The Bad Batch theory: mysterious CX-2 assassin may be a clone of Crosshair

Of course, the most popular theory for the identity of the clone is that the former member of the Bad Batch was presumed to have died at the end of season 2: Tech. At the beginning of the latest episode, "Point of No Return," Omega leaves Tech's old goggles on Pabu as a way to remember and honor him. This could be a not-so-subtle way in which the writers and creators try to remind us about Tech. Or perhaps it is just a clever misdirect.

Another theory is that the CX assassin may be Commander Cody. Even though Cody went AWOL the last time we saw him, it is possible that the Empire was able to track him down, brainwash him, and turn him into this assassin clone.

However, one theory that has not gotten as much noise is that the identity of the CX assassin could be Crosshair. That's right. What if the Empire cloned Crosshair while they were doing tests on him at Tantiss Base? This would make sense, given the fact that this mysterious clone is similar to Crosshair in some ways. Both are assassins who wield snipers, and both have somewhat similar armor.

Plus, even though CX-2's voice is intentionally garbled and manipulated to try to throw the audience off the scent, there are some similarities between Crosshair's voice and what you can make out from CX-2's voice.

On a story level, it would be really interesting if CX-2 was a Crosshair clone, especially since this clone has Omega in its custody. This would allow Crosshair to redeem himself fully and confront (literally) the worst parts of his former self.

Only a few episodes of The Bad Batch remain, so it stands to reason that we will find out the true identity of CX-2 fairly soon, perhaps even in the next episode. No matter who it is, it will likely be an emotional and heartbreaking reveal whenever it does occur.

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