Best Star Wars Rebels season 1 episodes according to IMDb

These episodes are rated as the best on IMDB. Is your favorite on here?
The main characters of Star Wars Rebels. Image credit:
The main characters of Star Wars Rebels. Image credit: /

This year marks a very exciting birthday for the Ghost crew, as Star Wars Rebels will turn 10 years old! In honor of this anniversary, many fans may wish to rewatch some of the best moments from the series. The first season is a great place to watch the characters build the relationships and skills that we have come to love. From Ezra’s rocky start joining the emerging rebellion to Kanan’s apprehension around training another Jedi, Rebels Season 1 is packed with thrilling moments. Here are the 5 best episodes, according to IMDb rating:  

1. Episode 14: Fire Across the Galaxy

When the Empire captures Kanan Jarrus, the Ghost crew races to rescue him. Ezra Bridger must step up as a leader while Kanan and the Grand Inquisitor battle in a final showdown. To top it off, the identity of the mysterious agent Fulcrum is finally revealed. The Season 1 finale combines all of the best elements from the show so far. It is no wonder that it received such a high rating!

2. Episode 9: Path of the Jedi

Ezra and Kanan take the next step in their journey as a Master/Padawan team when they enter a Jedi Temple on Lothal. The episode perfectly balances exciting action sequences with emotional growth when both Jedi face manifestations of their fears and are challenged to overcome and learn from them. Yoda makes a surprise appearance and solidifies this episode’s place as one of the season's best episodes.

3. Episode 12: Call to Action

The Ghost crew’s plans to hack Imperial transmissions are disrupted by the arrival of Grand Moff Tarkin. This unexpected enemy undermines the team’s efforts to bring a message of hope to the people of Lothal, encouraging them to rebel against the tyranny of the Empire. Their efforts against Tarkin’s devious plans take a heavy toll on the crew, leading to an exciting and heart-wrenching conclusion.

4. Episode 4: Rise of the Old Masters

Kanan, having never completed his own training before the fall of the Jedi Order, is overwhelmed with the responsibility of training Ezra. In hopes of a solution, he seeks out a Jedi Master who was rumored to have survived Order 66. This search leads him and his Padawan to face a brand-new danger in the Grand Inquisitor. The introduction of this sinister villain is not one to miss!

5. Episode 8: Gathering Forces

The episode begins with the Ghost crew fleeing Imperial Forces, including the Grand Inquisitor. The rebels make the difficult decision to split up to keep the Empire from obtaining their target. Ezra and Kanan find themselves on an asteroid base surrounded by dangers. Ezra must forge a new connection to the Force to make it home safely, but with this growth comes the risk all Jedi must face: Dealing with the Dark Side.

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