Season 1 of Young Jedi Adventures wraps up in February

The award winning preschool series is back for more adventures!
Star Wars Young Jedi Adventures Chancellor Lina Soh (Justine Lee) and Jedi Master Yoda (Piotr Michael). Image Credit:
Star Wars Young Jedi Adventures Chancellor Lina Soh (Justine Lee) and Jedi Master Yoda (Piotr Michael). Image Credit: /

Rise up, Nubs Nation, because the Emmy Award-winning preschool series Young Jedi Adventures will return in February to wrap up its first season. shared that the final six episodes will arrive on February 14, a sweet Valentine's Day present for fans of The High Republic.

They also shared a new trailer full of surprises too. We see the return of Bell Zettifar (Marcus Scribner), who first appeared in the episode "Charhound Chase" alongside his master Loden Greatstorm (Matthew Yang King). The trailer also reveals the first on-screen appearance of Chancellor Lina Soh, who Justine Lee voices. According to, long-time Lucasfilm Animation voice actor Liam O'Brien will return as Jedi Master Estala Maru.

Showrunner Michael Olson shared his excitement about Young Jedi Adventures' first season, saying to

"This season has been a whirlwind adventure for our bright-eyed younglings. They’ve grown as Jedi, forged lasting friendships, and outwitted a host of cunning adversaries. Each episode has featured challenges that have helped them grow and continued to shape them in the ways of the Jedi. As they head towards our season finale, Kai, Lys, and Nubs’ thrilling journey aboard Starlight Beacon leads to an epic showdown with Taborr Val Dorn to save one of their new friends."

One interesting thing to note is that one of the main characters, Kai Brightstar, has two voice actors listed for him in the press release. Jamaal Avery, Jr. is still listed as Kai, but JeCobi Swain, who played Jayco in Obi-Wan Kenobi, has also been added as Kai. This could be one of two things. It's common in preschool series for actors to age out of their roles when voices start to change and have another actor take their place. However, Jamaal and JeCobi are the same age, so I'm unsure if this is true. I wonder if we'll see some sort of time jump in the finale with an older Kai. Perhaps he'll be the padawan of Bell Zettifar, something hinted at in "Charhound Chase." We'll have to wait and see.

New episodes of Young Jedi Adventures arrives on February 14. Check out the trailer below:

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