Could there be an Andor spinoff? Adria Arjona weighs in for Bix Caleen

We know that Cassian Andor doesn't make it out of the end of Rogue One. What about all the other characters in 'Andor?' Should they get spinoffs?
Star Wars: Andor's Bix Caleen portrayed by Adria Arjona. Image credit:
Star Wars: Andor's Bix Caleen portrayed by Adria Arjona. Image credit: /

We all knew going into Andor's first season what the eventual fate of Cassian Andor would be. Along with the rest of the main characters, he perished on Scarif at the end of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. At this point, he's probably not going to get another spinoff series.

What about the rest of the characters from Andor though? What if they got their own spinoff show? Speaking to Variety about her new Hit Man, Bix Caleen's actor Adria Arjona weighed in for her character. She shared:

"I feel like a big spinoff could be later in my career. I’m trying to give job security to myself in the future. I’m trying to elongate it."

Adria Arjona

She jokingly added as a follow up, " I got a tattoo for Bix. My makeup artist from the show did it in my trailer." That is definitely some dedication for her character by getting a tattoo. Bix clearly means a lot to Arjona.

She also means a lot to fans too, something that the actor talked about in the same interview. Arjona shared with Variety, "It’s really emotional. When the first season premiered, the trailer had come out, maybe a couple days or a teaser had come out and I get to the premiere and there’s this wonderful, beautiful Latin woman in my costume. She had maybe 24 hours to create this costume. She started crying. She’s like, 'I’m the biggest Star Wars fan, but I had never seen a woman like myself in Star Wars.’ I started crying. That’s had always been a dream of mine to be in Star Wars, to be in that universe and to represent and not in a gimmicky way. I am not a Latin woman in Star Wars. I’m just a woman in Star Wars."

Andor has officially wrapped filming for its final season. It has a tentatively release date in 2025.

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